Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Royal Wedding, where's my invite??

So the Royal Wedding is in a few weeks, and I am hit with a dilemma. Do I go and watch the 'procession' (a car driving slowly, surrounded by all the police in England), or do I watch the whole thing on TV? If I go with the TV option I have a further choice- My own TV, the one at my parents' house, a street party in Essex or a house party in Birmingham. Any party seems kind of pointless seeing as the wedding is at like 11 am, and I don't get out of bed til after 12 basically ever (if I can help it), and who wants to drink before 11 am?! And there would be drinking with this thing, surely? I'm gonna need something to drown my despair that my tax pennies are being spent on some rich people's wedding.

The procession... well I've been to a few 'street carnivals' in London (once, as part of my youth club*, I attended a record breaking attempt to stage the biggest procession ever!! Which failed). And they suck ass. There's a ton of people everywhere, you can't easily move, it's uncomfortable to just stand there, there's hardly anything to look at, and anything there IS to look at is obscured by someone taller than me with someone shorter than me on their shoulders.

However, it's a 'once in a lifetime' kind of thing, right?? I guess it comes down to what I want the legacy of this ultimately pointless event to be in my life. A fun tea party in some place with a TV or the fact that I was actually 'there'? There's so many draw backs to going to the procession, not least of which is there's nowhere then to actually watch the wedding itself, and the issue of getting there and back (the tube will be totally rammed, there will probably be some bomb scares, riots or protests that will further disrupt everything)... I mean jeez.

I bet I just end up sleeping in and missing the whole thing.

*yes I was in a youth club, what of it?


Jim B said...

Watch the Royal Wedding Service, Apr 29, on BBC or online. The bride arrives at Westminister Abbey at 11 am, BST. I doubt that she will be late. You will probably want company so a gathering of some sort would be appropriate. If you sleep in, consider texting comments with your friends while watching the ceremony.

I will either watch the replay, do an all-nighter or both.

Phyllis said...

Either go to your parents or with your friends or something. Going to the procession sounds like a horrible waste of time.

Lizz said...

It's not paid for by tax- that was a rumour apparently.

And you know what I vote you should do!!