Monday, March 21, 2011

Squid me

Hello internets who still read this blog!!
I came on here to find something and I realised how much more blog-like this is compared to Tumblr. I do like how easy it is to blog on tumblr, and I like how instant and simple it is to interact with other people, but it's also nice to have a more one-sided internet outlet too.

I moved around the living room so I am not staring at a grey wall any more, and am facing the room. From behind my desk I look like a receptionist or something! "welcome to my house, who are you here to see? Please take a seat."

Anyway someone tweeted at me asking if I minded if he painted a version of a drawing I did on his baby daughters' wall! And if I had other squid related art, so I searched around for my favourite quid painting which doesn't seem to be online anywhere. I have way too much squid art... I think they're so beautiful! I also love jellyfish but find them hard to draw.


Thom van Rijckvevorsel said...

Hurray! The queen is back! We are saved! Lol, I also follow you on tumblr.

Danny Pettry said...

i wish you'd blog here all the time.

your fan,