Friday, August 06, 2010

BEDA10 Day 5, sandwiches are the best

Yayy so today I made amazing delicious sandwiches with my boyfriend. Pita bread, where would I be without you? Oh what's that? two stone lighter? Hahah, oh YOU.

I uploaded a couple of things to HitRecord today! But it's just old stuff that I thought was better suited to this new home. I am going to do some more animations for there I think... it's quite relaxing doing frame by frame drawings for animations. Atleast for me.

Watched a film called The Joneses, which is about a fake family that do stealth marketing! It was pretty good. And right now we are watching Julie and Julia! It's a nice film, if a little Nora Ephrony. I've seen it before and I love it! It makes me want to do the same with like, the Heston Blumenthal book, just without all his insane equipment. Say... that's a pretty good idea!

Right now my favourite blog is Captchart- it's so hilarious!! I post most linky things on my tumblr, but this needs to be seen by the world!! All 5 or so people reading this need to get on this.

See you tomorrow! xx

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davidlefool said...

Was never sure about Tumblr personally. However I am always a fan of 2AM blogging.