Thursday, August 05, 2010

BEDA10 day 4: documentaries

I did a painting of a tiger a few weeks ago and had done a second one to compliment it, but wasn't happy with it, so today I worked on it some more to make it look more like the first one. They're.... supposed to look kind of spazzy.

I watched this documentary about Alicia Duvall (a ropey looking glamour model) and her 14 year old daughter. It was so amazing. You should watch it on iPlayer if you missed it (and live in the UK). It was like Absolutely Fabulous or something- the daughter, while very pretty, had no interest in the world of plastic surgery and modelling that her mum was trying to push her into, and just wanted to study Biology and go to university. Any description I can give you won't do it justice.. you have to see it for yourself.

I asked people on Twitter what to write about earlier, so here we are:

Fainting: I've never fainted!! Kind of want to know what it's like though.
Turnips: I don't like them! Sweet flavours do not belong in savoury foods.
Good documentaries: Well I just wrote about one, but there's loads on 4od... I really liked one I saw that was about people with loads of cats, and I watched one last night about a guy on the road to male physical perfection, which was kind of interesting, and I saw one about Miss Nude Australia (most strippers are failed dancers, essentially). And yesterday I watched one about women who'd had botched plastic surgery which was good.
You know someone told me that these sorts of documentaries are classified as 'news', and because each terrestrial channel is required to provide a certain amount of news stuff, they churn out these scandalous not-really-news documentaries. Edutainment!

In uploading the photo of the tigers, I found these photos I took a while back of the eggs I used my japanese egg shaper thing with! They're supposed to be star and heart shaped but the eggs weren't quite large enough...

I'm going to have a bath now and watch a movie. I guess it's kind of dangerous to watch things on my laptop (perched on the top of the toilet) whilst in the bath, but it's not plugged in, so all that could happen is the laptop could get ruined, right? Riiiighht??

See you later... if I'm still alive!! :O


davidlefool said...

More unfertilised eggs. When will Miss Lilies start squeezing those fiddy kiddies out?

The tigers rather remind me of early Rembrandt.

Danny Pettry said...

I love the tigers.

very cool.

Love that you're blogging here ever day.

FishNChips said...

Where are your egg shapers from OMG