Wednesday, August 04, 2010

BEDA10 Day 3: nail polish, falafels and asda

So this morning I had a terrible nightmare that England was wiped off the map by a huge nuclear bomb, killing all my friends and family and leaving me stranded in India. It was harrowing.

I woke to find that the two nail polishes I ordered from the magical land of ebay had been delivered!! Wooo! I would take photos for you but it's easier to just show you some swatches already on the internet, so here they are:
Zoya 'Happi': 

OPI 'Extravagance', which I thought was going to be like this:

but is actually more like this:

which is ok I guess. When it is in super bright light it has tiny holographic particles that look all rainbowey and awesome, but when it's not, it just looks like a dark plum colour.

I went out with my brother to get falafels and go shopping in Asda (truly, I live an exciting life). In the Falafel place (fun by the loveliest woman ever, by the way), an odd lady came in who was inhumanly excited about being both Israeli and loving falafels. It was kind of disconcerting, as crazy people tend to be.

Then we came home and I attempted to make a cherry pie. Let me tell you, it did not work out so well. The cherries were delicious but the pie base never cooked, it just layed there, uncooked, mocking me. So I threw that out and we just ate the vastly reduced cherries (we had about a spoonful of them each) with a bit of cream, and it was great.

Me, Alan (my brother), Chris (my boyfriend) and Laura (my housemate) then watched a bunch of super trashy tv like Ten Years Younger and some programme about the hazards of plastic surgery.

I wish I had more to tell you but I really don't!! My whole day has felt overshadowed by that horrible dream, and I just want to go back to bed to dream something else to de-traumatise myself.


Danny Pettry said...

Did you do an online serach for "meaning of dreams?"

I think you should. The dream could be metaphor. Here is a link:

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This may be a stupid question and I don't mean to insult your intelligence, but did you bake the base on its own for a bit before adding the cherries & the pie lid?

Bryony said...

hey @sariofthepie No I didn't!! Huge mistake!! THe recipe didn't tell me to, but in future I definitely will. Stupid pie :'(

Anonymous said...

Huge mistake indeed :-( All pies, lidded or not, should be bottom baked first for about 10 mins. Even quiche/tarts etc. The recipe should totally have told you this. Stupid recipe.