Tuesday, August 03, 2010

BEDA10 Day 1 Predators and hello

Hey so here we are in August. It's my favourite month because my birthday is in it!! 23rd, baby! I'm right on the cusp between Leo and Virgo... not that I really believe in all of that stuff or anything. Though I do tend to find that people who's personalities I consider similar to mine are also August babies too. And I hate being told I'm a Virgo!! I'm a Leo god dammit!! I'm a fucking lion!!

Anyway, the reason I'm writing a blog today is that I wanted to copy WhatAboutAdam and blog every day of August but hey, look at me being late to start! Hahaha. How lame of me. I guess I'll make today have two blog posts so I can pretend I wrote this yesterday.

Anyhow, yesterday, the real first day of August, I went with my brother to see Predators. I wish I'd liked it more, but it just wasn't all that. I enjoyed some aspects of it, but it didn't all tie together as well as previous predator films. The general premise is that Adrien Brody and a bunch of other people wake up as they're plummeting to the ground on parachutes. Then they're all like WTF? And discover that they're all trained killers... and obviously because we know it's predators, they're there to get hunted down by the aliens.

I loved the previous predator movies, and even thought Alien VS Predator was pretty good (haven't seen AVP2). But this new one only ranks next to Alien Vs Predator for me rather than the original film, in terms of story and general.... pizazz. There's these fancy souped up predators now? Like the previous ones were sooo easy to kill? Why? And Adrien Brody, whilst he's good in this film, and generally a great actor, just isn't the right guy to head up an alien killing action film like this. Maybe they were trying to be clever with it and I just don't get it, but... well, I don't get it. As I said on Twitter, three out of five stars, but half a star added for how ripped Brody was.

I guess I'll try to take a photo each day too, to keep it interesting less lame.

OK stay tuned for (hopefully) a blog every day of this month!! I doubt they'll all be so long as this, this was just to get you up to speed. See you in five minutes tomorrow!


Danny Pettry said...

Bryony ---

About time you returned to this blog!

Love the picture.

As always -- you look very cute in it.

your friend,

Talk later.

NusaCat said...

Mrowl! I'm a Leo too. My birthday is this Friday, although I've had more of them than you.