Monday, January 18, 2010

Week two

Week Two!

This has been such a busy week- it snowed lots, then all the snow melted. I still didn't do any painting but I DID do some drawing, which I will try to post scans of tomorrow. I made a video which subsequently got spotlighted on youtube, which is cool. I went to Ikea and bought myself a double bed!! I'm so excited to have a brand new bed that I bought for myself to my own specifications. It's getting delivered tomorrow hooray!!

I watched a couple of films Half Baked (it was ok), GI Joe (worst thing ever), and half of Slumdog Millionaire (which I won't go into again here). We got a DVD in the post (my housemate is a member of one of those netflix things) but it's a David Lynch film so I'm not holding my breath to be entertained. Haha I sound like such a grouch.

I've decided to change my video day to Thursday and painting/drawing/making day to Friday, so I have Friday to finish off whatever I made on Thursday if needs be.

I've barely read any of my book, but I did buy LoveIt magazine... oh god what is happening to me.


Danny Pettry said...

Read, read, read.

Just messing with ya'

Your friend,


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