Monday, January 11, 2010

Week one of 'the regime'

So week one is done of my new 'regime'. It went pretty well I think. It was an experimental week, so there's definitely things that need to be ironed out.

Monday- errands- I did all the post I needed to do, but as always, have a heap of reciepts and crap I need to deal with. I want to make sure I do proper work on Monday- no IMing, no twitter or google reader! Just worrrk. I also want to (if I have time, which I think I will) work on blogging on Mondays, because as we all know, blogging is hard.

Tuesday- Brainstorming/research day- I went to the Hayward Gallery with my brother!! We also went to Forbidden Planet where I purchased a Ghostbusters lipbalm which I subsequently left at my parents house. The exhibition was one about Edward Ruscha, who's work I liked before seeing it in real life, where it seemed completely ridiculous and full of itself. He seems like he struck on gold once and then tried to recreate that forever after, failing miserably and producing work that wouldn't look out of place in a GCSE classroom. ZING! Take that Ruscha!!
Anyway, needless to say, I didn't find it very inspiring :(

Wednesday: Collaborative work!- On wednesday I went out and played in the snow that had fallen the previous night!! I know, not really collaborative work per se, but... snow!!! What am I gonna do, stay inside when there's SNOW? Saw a snowman with a hanger for a mouth. We called him Hangermouth.

Thursday: Painting/making things day- Again I played in the snow :/ Then I made celery soup!! that's semi creative? I didn't paint or draw anything, but then on Friday I drew the animation to my video, which kind of counts.

Friday: Video making day- Success!! I made a video on this day! But I got carried away making some music and an animation for it, so I finished it on Saturday. I believe Friday afternoon US is the best time to post videos, so I'm thinking of moving video making day to Thursday!

Week 1 results:
Paintings: 0/1
Videos: 1/1
Drawings: 1/1 (kind of)

Books read/reading: I'm currently reading and enjoying 'A Case Of Exploding Mangoes' by Mohammed Hanif which was reccommended to me by someone on Twitter when I was in a bookshop :)

I'm going to make sure I take lots of pictures next week for my end of week blog to make it less tedious! Thanks for reading :)


creativemachine said...

Sometimes, I come to your blog to read it. But then, I sit there for a few minutes feeding your fish. I like to make sure they all get some, and not just the bullies who swim the fastest. Believe me this can take time, and an awful lot of strategised clicking.

Oh, and well done so far on the regime. Good job.

David said...

'things that need to be ironed out.'

Ironing tips is the next vid for sure. "How to iron like a slut"?

kyliekin3 said...

good luck with that regime , I am trying to get more structure in my regime too

Jim B said...

The bad side of having a regime is that you can end up a slave driver but if it works for you then it's no-harm-done.

NusaCat said...

You mean Regimen, perhaps? The word Regime is usually used by western powers to refer to governments they'd like to change.

roGER said...

I rather liked Ed Ruscha's work, and it was nice to see it 'live.'

Previous exposure had come long before in an excellent "Arena" documentary from the 1980s (before your time, lucky you).

Too bad my fave was missing from the exhibition though "FIND CONTACT LENS AT BOTTOM OF SWIMMING POOL."

Quite so.