Tuesday, December 01, 2009

A Christmas Carol Premiere!

I know I keep talking about this event, but I wrote this at the time and held off posting it because I wanted to get some photos for it, but then they never materialised so I'm just going to post it as is- I'm sure you can use the power of imagination to insert the pictures in your mind!

Ok so if you didn't watch the video I posted about this the other day, I got invited by disney to attend the premiere of the new adaptation of Dickens's A Christmas Carol. I know, I was as shocked as you. I ofcourse said 'duh, yes I would love to come', and so it came to pass that I attended it last night.

Before the event, I met Grace from Disney (!) and was given a gift bag (!!). It contained a candle holder, a scarf (both with 'A Christmas Carol emblazoned tastefully upon them), the book, the tickets (in a GOLDEN ENVELOPE!), and some press release notes about the cast, the director and other blurbs about the film itself. It all came in a fancy disney shopping bag which I will cherish forever. (seriously I have tons of special bags that I can't bear to throw away. It's a sickness).

After spending approximately 7 hours getting ready, my boyfriend and I took the tube to Leicester Square. Once there we were greeted by the most elaborate premiere I've ever seen (on TV or in magazines. I've never seen one IRL, but I am going to assume that this was by far the fanciest that there ever was). The whole central area of Leicester Square (the small park like area) was blocked off in various ways, with bridges connecting it to three of the cinemas surrounding it.
Everything within the area was made to look Dickensian and Christmassy- there were lots of people who seemed to have arrived via time machine singing carols, fir trees all over the place with fake snow on them, even a snow machine! The snow seemed to be made of some sort of watery plastic stuff (just like the real thing!). The cobblestones underneath the red carpet made it a little treacherous to walk on in the heels I elected to wear, which I imagine added an extra sheen of glamour to my appearance. I was afraid it was going to rain but luckily for my mascara, it did not.

We had press passes to go on the red carpet to film whatever we wanted before the actual premiere, so after being ushered onto the red carpet (an ACTUAL RED CARPET!) we filmed some amazing (lame?) stuff of me forcing people in the crowd to say they were excited to meet Paperlilies (when in reality they had never heard of me and had no interest in my ridiculous plans).
Other actual legitimate press were there, such as beautiful Connie Huq and Alex Zane, from many excellent TV shows, including but not limited to 'Rude Tube', in which I star (ie, was in very briefly and have never watched).
I decided to extend my forcing of strangers to pretend to care about me* to actual recognisable celebrities, and asked Alex Zane to pretend to be excited to meet me. HE SAID YES!! But that he had to film stuff but would try to later. I figured oh well, atleast he said he'd try, I wasn't about to bug him, seeing has he was literally at work with about 8 people filming him and stroking his hair lovingly.
But then! As me and Chris were trying to film me awkwardly saying something along the lines of 'I'm here and isn't it great!', The Zanester (shh) came over and talked to me and pretended to know who I was. It was the highlight of my life. Seeing as I was fully expecting no more than a curt 'NO!' *mace*, I was more than happy with the result.
Hopefully Chris will find his camera cable and you will be able to feast your eyes upon the delicious awkwardness, but for now, my gaspy recollection will have to do. It wasn't til this morning that I realised that we have that rudetube connection, which obviously left a lasting impression upon him. If only I'd realised! We could have talked for hours about LOLworthy videos and how hilarious internet people are.

ANYWAY. We all had to get off the red carpet until 7, so Chris and I went to a corner of Leicester Square that I inexplicably have never been to before. We had some pretty good Italian food considering we were in tourism central, and then, after caking on some more makeup, went back to the carpet. We joined a giant queue of people waiting to get in to the carpet area, then, like delicious humanpaste, squooshed through to the cinema. There was a velvet rope (a velvet rooope) that divided the normies from the bonafide celebrities on the red carpet so alas I was not afforded the opportunity to tell Peter Andre that I never liked Jordan in the first place.

Somehow we managed to meet up with Charlie, Johnnie, Alex and Jimmy (the Chartjacker chaps) before going over the bridge. We filtered into the Empire cinema (their main screen is amaaaazing!!). Each seat had a bottle of water, a chocolate bar and a bag of humbugs on it! I think the humbugs were a nice touch. Chris (having grown up in Cyprus) often has no idea what things in British culture even are, so was totally confused as to why they put mints on everyone's seats. Doy.

We all put our fetching 3D glasses on, and the film began!


I honestly wasn't actually expecting to for a number of reasons- I don't like Dickens that much, I don't usually care about 3d films, and I thought it might be a typical Americans-trying-to-do-English-stuff-but-messing-it-up scenario.

Let me tell you, I was wrong. The 3d was amazing!! I don't know how but I think the lenses make your eyes cross somehow and make what you're seeing into a magic eye stereoscopic thing. anyway, it was well done and didn't have much of that 'woooaahh I'm going to poke my HAND right into the AUDIENCE!' schmaltzy 3d sort of stuff, which was a relief. the animation of London was incredible, I actually recognised some areas of it!

The story was still Dickens, but it stuck well to the story and even the dialogue. What's always bugged me about the story was that there's so much wallowing in how bad the whole of Scrooges life is and has been and only a small part at the end where he's changed and redeems himself, but in this it was more even, and after Scrooge being such a jerk the whole time, his transformation is hilarious and believable, and much more enjoyable.

Jim Carrey voiced Scrooge and the ghosts and was really good at them. His accents were spot on and I didn't have that annoying 'WHAT ACCENT IS THAT!?' aspect that US films often do with UK adaptations. There was one character who had a line that reminded me of the Bar Wench from that casino episode of The Simpsons ("freshen yah drinks gavanaahh?!?") but it only served to highlight how well everything else was done.

The ghosts were scary! Especially the third one! It was a shadowy Death figure, who chased after a shrinking scrooge on a skeletal horse drawn black carriage for what seemed like a terrifying 20 minutes. I think if I saw that when I was actually a kid I would have had nightmares. I think if I get a fever any time soon I may hallucinate that entire sequence (and sue Disney?). I'll keep you updated on that front.

In conclusion, I had the best time ever. I loved the whole experience (clearly) and enjoyed the film. I left feeling excited for christmas and wanting to give my friends giant turkeys and loving hugs for presents. I would say that if you wanted to go to see a film with your family over the christmas season that you know, ties in with Christmas, see this one. It had enough laughs and fun for children, yet stayed true to the dark themes of the book to entertain older people. I didn't feel patronised at all whilst watching it, which is I suppose one of the hallmarks of Disney films. the animation was amazing, the 3d was incredible, and it warmed my heart!