Saturday, November 21, 2009

TV shows I like to watch

I just wanted to write this down.. I've been writing lots of list things lately... feels good man.

Hated it at first but loving it now, though I don't like Sue or the wife or how horrible every female character in the entire show is. Was it created by a mysogynistic gay man or something? I love that they called the other asian kid 'Other Asian'. The whole show is great and hilarious but I feel like something is wrong with it, I just can't put my finger on it.

Totally bored of these now but I keep up with them because..?? I don't know. Since Grissy Griss left (Grissom) the show just isn't the same. The NY series is just a 'look how freaky New Yorkers are!! CRAZEEE!', but I like it? I don't know, I feel like the shows are neighbours I see frequently but aren't that good friends with. Skeet Ulrich is in NY at the moment, as is Nelly? Why??!

I recently discovered that this show stars CHRIS O'DONNELL (my number 1 crush 4ever IDST circa 1995) and LL Cool J?! (the ladies love cool james)* I saw the original NCIS show and thought it was the dumbest show ever, and this is equally as dumb and lame, just... Robin is in it. THE BOY WONDER. Stop looking at me :/ But yeah this show totally sucks D:

*also, Ja Rule... stands for Jeffrey Atkins Rules? or is that just something I made up in school?

Lie To Me
This show is so another of those 'detecting shows with a twist!' (see also, Numb3rs- math can solve anything!!) The twist here being that Tim Roth (what are you doing in this show, BTW) can tell if people are lying. It seems like it's going to run out of storylines sooner or later, but the actors are pretty and the characters are kind of good? It's fluff entertainment? Hah, the more I analyse these things the more guilty I feel for consuming it. My brain is riddled with saturated televisual fat.

Mad Men
This is an actual good show! I got into it because of the amazing 50s/60s styling of everything (it's super detailed and it's also my favourite era, stylewise) and because I am interested in advertising and design, but now am so absorbed into the characters that now they take centre stage. It's over for this season :( But I cannot wait for the next! So much happened during this one! I can't say too much as I don't want to spoil it for people who've not seen it yet so shhh. I like to imagine Peggy and Joan are the young versions of my great aunt and my grandmother who had the same names. Also, Don Draper is amazing.

My friend Kevin said that Dexter is "a show that dumb people think is 'edgy'" which has severely hampered my enjoyment of it. I mean, I KNOW It's trashy TV, I wasn't waiting for it to get all 'The Wire' on me. But yeah, the entire show is so ludicrous. It's about a serial killer who only kills other murderers which makes it all ok, right? The whole thing is held together with such a flimsy plot that it's amazing it's held on for, what is this now, season 5? John Lithgow is in this season as another serial killer. It is ridic.
Interesting fact: The actor who plays Dexter and the actress who plays his sister in the show are married IRL!

Fringe never seemed to get very big in the UK which is weird considering it's a new millenium Xfiles crossed with Lost, both of which are huge here. It's full of mystery and shadowy characters and stuff which makes no sense at all. It feels less trashy than something like NCIS. It's made me keep watching for 2 seasons, waiting for some sort of pay off so it's doing something right. It feels like there should be more recurring characters to me though- there's really only 3 leads which feels sparse. It's nice seeing Pacey in something else :D Where's the rest of the Creek kids now huh?!

Flash Foward
Is everyone in this show English? was this made with some BBC grant or something? (even though it's on channel Five). Every person in this show was in something else previously so my boyfriend and I only ever refer to them as such. 'Shakespeare', 'Shakespeares Wife/The woman from Lost', 'The guy from that show', 'Harold from Harold and Kumar', 'ER curly hair woman', 'the hobbit'. I wanna know what the towers were all about!! Get the hell on with it, mysterious show!

America's Next Top Model
I don't even know why I watch this show anymore. The most recent season (the short girls one) was just terrible. Did you see the season finale? Terrible. Everyone involved clearly was just going through the motions. This show has totally jumped the shark. But I know I will tune in next year for sure!

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Josh's Brain said...

Gah! I love those shows!! Except ANTM lol. You should check out "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" I don't know if you know of it, but I find it hysterical.