Saturday, November 21, 2009


I made a formspring- it's basically a simple submission form that lets you ask me anonymous questions! Go here to do it if you wish!

These are the Questions so far!! (exciting!)

can i really ask you "anything"? lol hahaha. :D
Yes. I don't have to answer though :P

do you like vampire bats?
I guess?? I was disappointed when I discovered that they don't usually feast on human blood though. Or turn into vampires. I like bats :)

Would you eat a panda for £100?
Totally!! I would love to eat Panda and see what it's like! I don't much care for black and white animals anyway. Too monochrome and boring. I hope PETA don't come and throw fake blood all over me for saying that :/

remember when you had orange hair?:D
I do indeed remember. It was a strange time.I kind of want to dye my hair red all the time but I like it right now... Oh hair dilemmas!

fav color nail polish?
I don't have ONE, I love them all!! I think my current favourite thing to do is a rainbow of pastel colours though. And this amazing holographic nailvarnish I got!! And I recently got a matte one but I'm not loving that so much.

I have been with you from the beginning and I still watch your videos now, you were the first video I watched by myself, my first favourite, and my first subscription.
No matter what anyone says you are the best example of what a youtuber is and I hope you never leave <3 plus we played omgpop together and it made my life =x

That's no question!! But... thanks :D OMGpop is my favourite thing on the internet! Lets play every dayyy

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