Sunday, November 22, 2009

Paperquestions Part 4!

what are your opinions on gay marriage?
I think people should be able to marry whoever they want, as long as they are in love :)

what do you think of quiche?
It's delicious.

When you met David Mitchell at the BAFTAs, did he seem nice? Did you at all get the vibe that he wants to marry me?

You seem really cool and nice. How does a (nice, non-creepy, non-serial killer) stranger from the internet get to be your friend?
Uh... I don't know! By being cool? Haha I have no idea!

What part of London do you live in? East, West, etc?
North!! (the best part)

What do you think of Steampunk?
Something about it really irritates me.

If you could choose to believe in one crazy idea, what would it be?  And I mean fully believe, like sometimes you just couldn't resist the urge to  tell people on the street about Griff, the Magical Salmon that lives on the moon, or Allah.
Flying Spaghetti Monster. I have been touched by his noodly appedage, have you?

How do you solve a problem like Maria?
Hold a huge BBC reality TV competiton.

what's so special about Daniel Clowes?
He conveys stories in a realistic way and is awesome.

whats it like to have a kind of fame and no kind of fame at the same time?
It's weird?

What was the deal with the contact lenses and brown wig you got a while back?
I was planning on pretending to be Cheryl Cole for a video! I still hope to at some point...

Do you get recognized a lot?

You're in a contest to dispose of a million dollars in a week, but no more than $5000 on the same thing or in one place. How would you spend it?
I would go down Oxford Street, buying clothes and shoes... maybe go to a travel agency and get a holiday somewhere, buy CDs in HMV... a fancy handbag in Selfridges, some nice makeup, some fancy jewellery... If I didn't have all the restrictions I would spend more on shoes and handbags and get all the makeup in the world! I'd probably stock up on things like beads and paint and canvasses too.

Do you have a real social life parallel to your youtube-based internet one?

Do you like cats?
I used to like them more but the ones I live with currently are super boring and just moult hair on everything and run away from me. It enrages me. I would get a cat of my own in the future if I could have one like the one on the Sheba catfood tins, or a beautiful long haired tabby... but I'd be sad if they hated me :(

How do you keep your skin so clear?
I wash it every morning with a mild face soap, and in the evening I make sure I've taken off all my makeup and I wash it again, then I put Savlon all over it and use 'Witch Stick' on my spots. Savlon is an antiseptic healing cream you put on grazes and burns but I like to use it on my face as it doesn't make it too oily or dry it out, it just heals any zits I have. Witch Stick is a tea tree prittstick thing which is the only thing I've ever found to be good at reducing and preventing spots.
Also, usually in videos I have makeup on so any spots I have are covered up anyway :P

what happened to your cool cakey blog banner??? That was so cool ...
I took it down cause I was going to work on it and make it less huge! I haven't got round to it yet.

I'm glad that you like k-pop. How about I do the honors and get you into it? Just watch random youtube vids of 2NE1, f(x), SHINee, Wonder Girls, KARA, 2PM, Brown Eyed Girls, SeeYa. And check out
I shall check it out!! :D

Have you been to Australia?  Would love to see you and Natalie do a video together. You are both lovable nut cases.
I haven't been!! I am scared of spiders :/ But I have been assured that I would be fine. Also I have met Natalie IRL and she is tiny and awesome.

As an english girl, what's your opinion of the french? (honestly!). I myself am "une fran├žaise" and my retarded english friends say they're rude, have no Navy and go around scoffing at "Ze stupid ingliiiish!! Honhehonhehon!!". Would you agree with that statement?
I think there's a colourful history between our two nations... I would be lying if I said I have never been disparaging about the French, but honestly, I'm sure that our assumptions of you are as wrong as yours are of 'le roast beefs'. We're all people!! Let's just get along :)

Are you proud to be a British girl?
I've never totally grasped what 'pride' really means. I AM British, but I have no choice in the matter. I'm more proud in my own achievements than those of this place I had no say in being born in. I do feel a certain attachment to the place and always jump to it's defence, so perhaps I am?

Would you move to America if you were offered a really good design job?
Yeah if I could get a visa. I would probably have already moved there if I could get a visa, but even people like Lily Allen have been refused entry due to visa issues, so I doubt I have a chance.

Come to America and be my friend. I need some of your awesomeness to rub off on me.
Maybe one day :)

What's your favorite type of clothing?
Dresses!! I very rarely wear trousers, I find them uncomfortable and a bit ugly.

What's your favourite food?
Farfalloni Con Funghi.

How long does it take you to get ready when you go out?
Not that long. It depends on how fancy the place is- after washing my hair it'll take me 45 mins to an hour (mostly cause of dealing with my hair). If I don't have to wash my hair, I can be ready in 15 mins.

What's your favorite place to go when you're bored?
Charity shops.

Would you recommend going to Leeds Met for graphic design?
Uh... I guess. It was ok. I enjoyed studying there, but I don't feel that they really prepared us for life as a designer very well. Also, I left with no discernible skills and taught myself Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator so... it was a bit pointless.

Can I have a hug?
Ok. As long as you don't smell weird.

Hi Paperlilies! Why do you reply to your email at about 2 am GMT? Just wondering.... :D
Cause I go to bed late!

Since you're inspired by Japanese art in some of your work, do you watch any anime or read any manga? Any favourites if you do?
Not really... I read Lone Wolf and Cub (I think that's what it's called?) when I was younger, but I wouldn't say they'd especially influenced me. I like Scott Pilgrim and Daniel Clowes graphic novels... But generally I prefer super bright things like Murakami's art and the more childish Japanese characters like Sanrio's Cinamoroll, Little Twin Stars and San-X characters like Kogepan and Mamegoma. I love Rilakkuma and (the dutch) Miffy, and Q-Lia's characters.... Anything aimed for the under 10 year old japanese market basically.

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Danny Pettry said...

okay - okay -- i'll marry you so you can come to America. lol.

but remember - i'm not long-term meterial.

Your best fan from the U.S.

Danny X.