Saturday, November 21, 2009

PaperQuestions part 3

What's your favourite colour?
Turquoise, mostly, but I really do like most bright colours, and pastel colours... not so into blacks, greys, browns and creams. Anything that's not 'neutral'.

Do you like energy drinks?
No, I hate them!! I don't even really like soft drinks, but even the smell of Red Bull makes me gag- I have a theory that it's cause it smells like Calpol (that childrens medicine) so it makes me psychosomatically feel as ill as I would have felt as a child when being given medicine. Also I don't like the idea of taking something that seems like a drug, though I don't feel that way about alcohol...

You do know you're absolutely gorgeous, right?
I never used to think I was pretty at all when I was younger. It wasn't til I started posting things on youtube that I had any idea people thought I was in any way attractive. That sounds super emo but it's true. I have the internet to thank for my self confidence! Hah, imagine that. I'm more confident in my looks now, but I don't think of myself as 'absoloutely gorgeous'.

Would you bake me some cupcakes?
It depends... I may make some for myself and let you have one or two. If you're lucky/nice to me.

Are you anyone's favorite person?
Maybe my boyfriend? I hope so :)

What do you think of k-pop? J-pop? Any favorite groups/singers? I met the Wonder Girls this Summer, I LOVE THEM. Do you like them?
Yes! I want to get more into it but I don't know where to start. I should get WhatAboutAdam to learn me up on it all. But I DO love the wondergirls (what I've seen on youtube)

Do you drink any alcohol?
Yes... I like a cocktail whenever I can find an excuse to have one, I like wine with a meal, beer on a hot day... I try not to overdo it.

Would you ever consider doing more cooking/baking videos? Your cupcake video was awesome!
Possibly!! I do like cooking, but I never want to duplicate other peoples' videos and most things are already online somewhere... the same goes for makeup videos- there's hundreds of makeup gurus on youtube, I feel kind of lame trying to do it too when they've got it all figured out and fancy and professional.
If you want a good cookery channel, check out PrincessDiana161- she is my favourite foodtuber! Hilarious and delicious- the perfect combination. My dream is to eat at her house one day!

What is your favourite place in the whole world? (even someplace you haven't been to yet!)
I love Cornwall very much, I spent most of my summers there as a child so I feel very calm and peaceful there. Someday I want to go to Japan and India. I went to Cyprus this summer and liked it a lot. I really like being in America.

Chocolate or Vanilla?
Beer or Wine?

Depends on the occasion. Probably wine.
Coke or Pepsi?

Neither really... I don't care.
Doctor Who or Jack Harkness?

Neither! I'm sick of both those shows now |:(

What do you think of goth/emo people? You seem to not like them :/
I do like them! Why do you think otherwise? I WAS one at school (kind of)

Are you into cute American boys?
I do have a thing for American accents...

What online games do you play, and can I add you as a friend on them?
I play OMGpop games (which keeps coming up- I'm not sponsored by them or anything! :/) but otherwise nothing.

What's the deal with Jordan? Why exactly is she so famous over there?
Because... I have no explanation. People like to have someone they can villify? Because she has huge boobs? Don't ask me, I'm not the one watching I'm A Celebrity and buying her books.

At what age is it no longer appropriate to call it a willy?

Noone gets a dry t zone!

Does it bother you that people constantly comment that you look like Drew Barrymore?
Not really- I was first told that in school, so I've had people saying it for ages. It is kind of weird trying to work out how to react though- it's flattering so I want to say thanks, though I don't really see it myself, but then, I don't want to say NO I DON'T. It's funny when people think they are the first to see it too.

Did you pic the Cliche picnic table tablecloth background? It's kind of hurting my eyes!
Yes! Delicious picnic.

Obviously all hair colours look good on you ... but you looked fantastic as a brunette. Will you ever dye it brown again? Is there no place for a brunette Paperlilies in this world anymore?! D: Is it so insane!?
Well thankyou :) I might do it brown again. If I get bored of being blonde (and/or run out of money to keep getting it done) I would have to go back to my natural brownness.

If I'm ONLY able to lie and I say to you "I'm lying", am I lying or telling the truth?
Get behind me, demon!!

Hello :). What colors do you use when you paint?
Ur... all of them? As for what kind of paint, I like ceramcoat acrylic paint because it's very bright and pigmented, but also quite runny and easy to mix, has good coverage. Otherwise I use Derwent or whatever other brand paint I come across. Ceramcoat is my favourite though!! And I can never find it in the UK :'(

What do you think of Dr Brooke Magnanti/Belle de Jour?
I liked reading her blog- the whole thing being a mystery was quite exciting. That she's come out now sort of ruins the mystique, but I guess good for her for doing what she wanted to do and staying in control of it all. I do worry that it kind of glamourises prostitution though, when her experience is very removed from that lived by the majority of sex workers, none of whom have book deals and TV shows. I think it comes down to choice- great for her to have a choice in the matter, but lots of people unfortunately don't.

what the fuck is a samoflange?!
Something from Thundercats.


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