Thursday, November 26, 2009

PaperQuestions 6!

what do you think of ijustine?
I think she seems cool, but I've never really watched her videos. Everyone was going crazy a while back when she was on a game show?

This is the 120 eyeshadow palette:
A lot of the makeup gurus on Youtube talk about it.
My friend just ordered one. It is such a bargain for only being $30.00US (you can probably find it on ebay for less). It is VERY pigmented, so its worth it. You should check it out.
I just bought one!!! Hahah you should get a commission :D I've decided to not buy ANY new makeup in 2010.

If you're ever having a bad day, what is the one thing that you can think of or do that always makes you feel better?
Talking to/with/at someone!! Or having a nice cup of tea and a snack, or watching something trashy on TV.

Have you considered being a television presenter? You are charming, witty and very attractive. There is a charisma thing that happens between you and the camera. Very few people have that.
I SUCK at trying to memorise lines, and I find it hard to pretend to be high energy and peppy when I'm not filming myself... so probably no, I'd not be a good TV presenter!! I should see if there are courses you can go on. I have experience with using an autocue when I worked at eBuyer (cringe) and of being presenterish when working on Bryony Makes A Zombie Movie. I'm not that good, but I think I could get better... meh.
Also, thanks for saying I'm charming and witty and attractive :)

I'm a 24 year old gay guy from the States, and I'm totally in love with you and would marry you if I could! :-p You've probably been asked this before, but if you were into the girls which celebrity would you date?
Jennifer Connelly? I don't know, I don't really follow celebrities so I don't know what any of them are actually LIKE.

Have you ever played RuneScape?

What's the perfect peanut butter sandwich?
Peanut butter and RAISINS!! Everyone poopoohs this but it is total win.

Do you think answering these questions is fun?
It's quite fun but I think I'm going to leave it after this batch as there's loads and it'll get boring if I keep just posting this on my blog.

Would you drive a Lotus Elise?
I guess. I don't have a drivers license though.

What's your favorite kind of cheese?
I love cheese!! Halloumi is probably top of my list though. And fresh buffallo mozarella!!

Is the Stickam painting day still going to be on the 28th?
Yes!! I should make a video tomorrow about it!!

Do you like white bread?
Yes. I like all breads!

Were you "popular" in secondary school?
I was friends with a lot of people, but I wasn't popular outside of that- I didn't go out hardly ever and I was often the butt of my friends' jokes. But I was sort of a 'class clown'... I don't know, I don't feel like I was, but maybe I was.

What's your religion?
I'm an atheist, so I don't have a religion.

What colour of hair do you like best (on you)?
I think red!! But I think blonde suits me most- it seems like it should be blonde, if you know what I mean! And it does go blonder in the sun.

How many nailvarnishes do you have?
I don't know! But loads! Probably around 100!

What do you do to relax?
Go on the internet :P

Do you prefer Mac or PC?

Do you listen to techno music?
Yeah! I love dance, drum & base, house... I also like other kinds of more mellow music too. I like most kinds of music but not reggae.

What's your favorite book?
The book I have read most is Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk, so I guess I have to say that, but I feel like I've grown out of that angsty stage so I'm not sure now.

Would you paint me a picture if I paid you for it?
I guess so! I should work out a price and just have it as an option on my shop.

Whatever happened to the zombie movie?
I don't knoww... It became this huge ball of stress and after the contract for the Bryony Makes A Zombie Movie ended, and I wasn't being required to work on it anymore, I just couldn't face working on it, and it's languished since then. I would love for it to get finished but I have to either find someone who understands it and wants to take the reins (which has so far proved impossible, noone seems to grasp the ideas of the project, being an online collaboration rather than a straightforward scripted cast film), or do it myself,  which is such a daunting prospect that I feel anxious just thinking about it. I want to get into a position where the script is available online for people to take parts of it and make them, then link them all together on youtube somehow. But it's just not going to happen til I put a ton of time and effort into it and I haven't yet. I suck.

Is it true you're naturally a brunette?
OMG yes :P

Has the shop on your blog done well?
It's done pretty well :) I keep meaning to add more things to it like those soft toys I made and the zine which I have yet to sell a single copy of. I want to make more postcards!

What's your favorite type of sandwich?
The club-esque sandwich that I invented! It's cooked chicken and crispy bacon mixed up with mayo and a chopped shallott, inbetween 3 slices of toast, with some lettuce and whatever other salad I feel like throwing in there. Oh so gooood.

I'm going to ask you this because I love you; are you saved?
Hahah no :/

Do gay people bother you?

Have you ever eaten Nutella?
Yes! I can't have it in the house as I'll just eat the whole jar with a spoon.

I think turquoise eyeshadow would look best on you, would you agree?
I like experimenting! I don't have a 'favourite' look.

Have you ever used Ubuntu Linux, and if so, do you like it?
I haven't! I would like to try but I'm  too scared to try to install it! Also, I am pretty happy with my Mac's OS.

What apps do you have on your iPhone?
Tons! *goes through phone* I use Echofon for twitter, I have the BBC, NY Times, ITN, Sky News and Independent News apps, ebay (a really good app! It alerts you when something you're bidding on is almost up, warns you if you're outbid, and you can pay for things on it too!), Skype, facebook, Ping (a messaging app), Flashlight (a flashlight :P), Wikipanion, UMMS medical info, TV Guide, Flixster (which is great! It shows you what cinemas are close to you and what films are on and where, or you can search for the film and it'll show you the closest place it's on!), Urban Spoon (shows you restaurants near you with links to maps and reviews), Trains and Tube Status (train/tube times and info)...
As for games, my favourites are Airport Mania, Unblocked, Solebon (solitaire), Muddled, Dash, Scramble (word games), Enigmo, Lumen, TapTap, Girl Wars, Fruit Tycoon, Frenzic, Papaya Farm, Lineup and Hangman... I have loads more but I never play them.

Do you recommend Derwent coloured pencils?
I guess... I don't use coloured pencils much, but I have used those, they're good :)

Do you like exercise or playing sports?
I love riding my bike in the spring and the summer, but otherwise I don't do much other than walk a lot. 

Do you ever feel self-conscious about the weight you've gained since you started making youtube videos?
Well yeah, of course I do, when people constantly comment on my videos about it. However, when I was at my thinnest, when I started on youtube, I was basically suffering from an eating disorder, and was still called fat in comments, so... you can't win! If I let youtube comments get me down I would be depressed all the time.

Would you accept an invitation to be a Page 3 girl?

Do you know where estonia is?
L'estonie! I unfortunately don't know anything more than what I see on Eurovision :( I will look into it and learn more about it!

Do you think youtube will EVER get boring (as a whole)?
Yeah, I think it's a bit boring now. It's very predictable, certainly.

Do you play any musical instruments?
Nope! The one thing I will never master is music. I'm way too impatient to learn.

Have you ever flown in a helicopter?
Yes!! Into the Grand Canyon on holiday once!! It was awesome :D

Twinings or PG?
I don't care. I guess PG. Or actually, whichever one is Fair Trade. 

Are you nocturnal like me?

Do you use a color wheel to see which colors go together?
Nah, I just try things out and see how it goes. I sometimes take photos of things with photobooth on my computer in black and white to see how the tones of things go together, but I never ever use a colour wheel.

I sent you an email and you didn't reply. Why?
Because I don't know what to say!! I feel bad about it but I get a lot of emails that say a similar thing and I never know how to respond, so I don't... :(

What time do you usually go to bed?
4 am :(

Should I get a 17" MacBook Pro or an Alienware M17x?
Macbook! I don't even know what that other thing is.

Why couldn't my brother find you at the Expo!? I wanted a postcard.:( He was dressed as Steampunk, I hate it! Sorry if any of you like. Anyway, why couldn't he find you? Where were you?
Actually, I can probably answer this myself, he was probably buying Halo merchandise and didn't bother to look for you.... Nvm. I shall go and be annoyed with him.
Well possibly he didn't look, but the whole 'comics villiage' was in a remote corner of the event and was the least busy part of it. I think lots of people didn't even realise there was anything where we were. It was pretty shambolic honestly.

Would you say you had a great time at university?
Yeah! I learned a lot that I don't think I would have otherwise learned, but that was 90% things that I didn't learn in university itself, it was just living away from home, managing money, being independent, cooking, making friends, falling in love... all that stuff that was the real fun/important experience.

How do you feel about Sarah Palin?
I think she's super fake. 

Did you get a swine flu shot?
No! I'm waiting to get the Swines D:

Would you consider yourself "sexy"?
LOL no.

What countries have you been to?
America, Canada, France, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and Corsica. I really want to go more East though! and to south America too.

What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Favourite Ben & Jerry's flavour?
I only really LOVE the icecreams that have tons of bits in them, so I love Phish Food and Chocolate Fudge Brownie. I don't care that much for icecream generally, but on a hot day I like to have fruity sorbets!

What is your favorite thing to do to pass the time?
Internet :/

Do you have to pay customs/duties if I send a package from the U.S. to your PO Box?
No! So long as you mark it as a gift and write on the customs form that it's worth like $5 or something.

Who would you invite to your dream dinner party?
All of my international friends who I never see, let alone all together!

You're so pretty! Any beauty tips?
Wash your face every morning and night with a mild liquid soap!! Try to get enough sleep... I don't know otherwise.

So, what are the origins of 'theenglishrose' and 'paperlilies'?
'theenglishrose' is my twitter name, because I had Paperlilies and then freaked out about twitter and deleted it (doy), then I couldn't get it back cause some namehogger has it now so I came up with theenglishrose. I don't know why! I hate it now.
The Paperlilies name comes from the one origami thing I know how to make off by heart- a lily. I don't know why I chose paperlilies rather than paperlily. Ironically enough I don't really like real lilies that much! Though I do adore lotuses and roses and waterlilies. Real lilies smell kind of overpowering.

THE END!! No more questions!!


Danny Pettry said...

Questions 6!


Linda said...

Will you let us know how those eyeshadows turn out? It seems a little too good to be true, with that low price and all.

Also, loving these paperquestions!

Summer said...

yess please let us know how the palette turns out. I've heard from many people on youtube, but I'd trust you more. :)