Monday, November 23, 2009

PaperQuestions 5

I can't believe that sooo many questions have come in!! I thought I'd get about 5! :)

Would you kiss me?
Probably not... I haven't ever randomly kissed anyone that I didn't know well beforehand.

Name something you really want to do but haven't got to yet.
Travel more, do more paintings... I really want to print a book of some kind by 2010, I think that's my mission- I've always wanted to get involved more in book design.

Who are you rooting for on X factor?
Joe! And Olly.

What do you think of Lady GaGa?
I used to think she was annoying and overly manufacured, but I saw her playing live on Saturday Night Live and she is genuinely really talented so I respect her for her super skills... but I don't love her music.

What do you think of vegeterianism?
I think it's ok. I tried it for Lent once and I found that I just ate a lot of cheese and salads. On a moral standpoint I don't really care that much about animals. I'm being honest! I feel bad about it because I have a few vegetarian friends and one of  my BFFs is a full on vegan, but yeah... show me all the depressing PETA videos you want... animals aren't people so I don't empathise with their plight, and I think there are more important things to be an activist for. Also I hate soy milk. Having said that, I have been to some great vegetarian and vegan restaurants and have had nice food, just as a lifestyle it's not for me.

I've noticed that you seem to dislike a LOT of things popular with the general public - Top Gear and The Beatles to name just a couple - would you say that this is accurate? Is this due to an urge to stand-out from the crowd and be innovative and inventive?
I don't dislike the Beatles, I just don't LOVE them. I HATE Top Gear because I find the programme very contrived and I can't stand Jeremy Clarkson's faux anti-everything stance. However, I do get a little irked when other people have or do the same as me I guess. I think it stems from having an unusual name maybe? I can't deal with other people called Bryony. Having said that, I like Xfactor, which is pretty popular.

Have you ever watched "How Clean is Your House?" ?
Yes! I love that sort of 'freak of the week' show.

Do you have the 120 eyeshadow palette?
No! What is that?!

How do you feel about Robert Pattinson?
He's ok... definitely not on any of my top hottest guys everz lists though. I prefer the new guy!!

Do you primarly make your living out of youtube revenue?
Not really... I make some money from it but I make more via sponsorship things.

are you a little disillusioned these days with corporate youtube and the big 'stars' who shape their content to milk ad revenue?
No, I think it's just been the natural progression of the site into a business.

Are you just naturally artistically creative or have you developed it over time? I want to paint so extremely bad but I can't! Every time I try, I either cannot think of anything, or if I do think of something, it sucks in the end and looks like a child painted it :O I have the passion, just not the skills haha. 
I believe that everyone has some creativity within them, but unless you show a natural attraction to it, you're unlikely to be encouraged to use it so alot of people grow up thinking they aren't good at it when they just refuse to try. I've been painting and drawing since I can remember so I think my skills have just developed over time. I don't think you need to go to classes to 'learn to draw', it's just something you do, the more you do it, the better you get at it. I haven't painted or drawn enough this year- I have been too busy with other things so I really want to devote more time to it in 2010. I think you should keep painting and you'll get better at it- it's important to not be too hard on yourself!

Why don't you move in with your boyfriend? Do you think you'll get married?

I don't know! I like having my own space. We might get married, who knows! Not for a long time though. I'm not about to start popping out babies over here.

why didnt you answer my question? it wasnt weird/sexual/personal or anything. did you reword it? because a similar question was asked but in a better way... oh wait you probs didnt want to answer the same thing twice. fuck im such an idiot. this was pointless. uhh have a good night/rest of the night? laderrr
Uh... I have left some questions as they were kind of duplicates of other ones, so it seemed a bit much to answer them twice. I've also left out any that I thought were inappropriate for whatever reason. Weirdo :P


theKate said...

Being from the birthplace of the English language, you might be a good person to ask the following question. Can you please explain the subjunctive mood? Thanks so much.

Danny Pettry said...

I'm so glad that you want to create a book of your artwork by 2010. I'll buy the first copy. I've self-published 7 books and I'd love to help you. Did you get a copy of my book in the mail, "Discover Hidden Secret Wisdom?" Email me and let me know.


Nick said...

I like that you acknowledge Lady GaGa's talent; I hate when people say she's shit because "she can't sing" when she clearly can. As long as they have a valid reason for not liking her then fair enough!