Saturday, November 21, 2009

More PaperQuestions!

IS There your favourite song?
I'm not sure if I have one favourite song. I immediately thought of this when I read that question though.

I hate you. .. uh i mean, er, form of a question, uh... "Why do i hate you?"
Because I hired that hitman. My bad.

How terrible was the MCM expo? And how much £ would it take for you to kiss a furry
It was good! I had a nice time :) It was a bit crowded with sweaty teens (not near our table alas) but it was fun. I don't know if I could ever kiss a furry. Is this what it's like for homophobes when thinking about gay people? :/

Bryony, what even happened to the emo cupid destroying the world with a heart competition?
I uh... forgot about it I guess :/ (also it wasn't THAT good of a competition idea)

Anything: will you ever send paperlilies to your fans again?! (we'd like that :) 
I dunno, they're kind of a pain to make. I must've made thousands by now. Make them yourself!

there are actual vampires who drink human blood, my friend was going to do a documentary on them but chickened out. who is your favorite person in the world?
Your friend, if they ever make that documentary.

how many blog and youtube account do u have? ;p
I think I have about 5 or 6 youtube channels and 7 or  8 blogs.

when will the next xplx update be? or has it been retired?
It's there for when I need an e-outlet to be emo.

what would you say its your biggest inspiration when painting?
Cute japanese characters/faces.

Is it wrong of me that I find you incredibly sexy?
I don't think so.

When my hair goes white I plan to do it- dying your hair crazy colours is hard unless you bleach it first, so I figure I'll wait til it's naturally bleached!! That said, I might do some streaks some time.

Which YouTube channel is your guilty pleasure? (one you're perhaps embarrassed to say you enjoy watching, hehe)
I enjoy spot-squeezing videos. It is very gross and I love it :/

what's your biggest fear? (so i can remind you everyday)(not really)
Spiders D:

People love to see girls kissing. I think there should be more boys kissing in movies. Get to it, twilight guys. I bet there are literally hundreds of slash fanfics out there that revolve around those two getting it on.

Do you ever go to bed at a reasonable hour? :)


WHY WERE YOU IN AMERICA?!?!?!?!!?????!?!!!!!!!1
I was doing an internship in a design company!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!1

what are you doing with your life?
Currently, answering these questions. Other than that, LIVING THE DREAM.

what's your favourite game?
OMGpop has Draw My Thing, which I love, and I also love Pictionary, Monopoly, Scrabble, Careers, and all those Cranium, Balderdash type games too. And Trivial Pursuit!! The board game season is upon us!! I need more board game enjoying friends- noone ever wants to play with me :(

What kind of tea do you like and how do you take it? Tell us English Girl!! :D
I like normal 'english breakfast tea' with milk and one teaspoon of white sugar. Don't leave the teabag in! Other than that, I love peppermint tea with nothing else in it.

I know you like the paper flower stuff and stuff... but is that why you named yourself paperlilies or is it a reflection of your inner psyche and feelings of fragility?
Uh...the first thing.

Do you like subway? If so, what kind of sandwich and stuff do you get?
OH and what's your omgpop name?

I used to like Subway before I worked somewhere that the only thing you could get was subway, so I had it twice a day 3 days a week. That kind of killed it for me. I tried them all, and I can tell you: they all taste the same.
I think my OMGpop name is Bryony.

I wonder if people actually get answers to stuff through this
No, it never happens.

How did you end up perfecting your American accent?
I watch a lot of American TV and films and am quite good at mimicry.

Favourite TV show?
See my last blog post!! I love Flash Foward, Fringe and Mad Men. And silly detective shows :/

What's your favorite kind of peanut butter?

Who is your favourite youtuber? (besides yourself :D)
CommunityChannel, AmazingPhil and TheWineKone. But also like 100s more, just those are the ones I can think of right at this moment.

What do you want for Christmas the most?
Hair tongs! And a replacement toothbrush head. And some nailpolishes.

Will you reply to me on twitter?
No. (I don't know who you are!)


Anonymous said...

<3 Community Channel :)

Lyra Bird said...

hey, is there any colour of nail polishers you can't find in england? cause there may be any one you want and I may send you. I LOVE colourful nail polishers too.

Ben said...

I keep comming across Aphex Twin. Mabey I should like them. The video for Come To Daddy is fucking insane.

rAm said...

spot squeezing?! Interesting..

Oh, and thanks for OMGpop!

paperlilies said...

@ Lyra Bird
I think we have most!! But I havent been able to find the holographic ones anywhere but on ebay...