Friday, November 06, 2009

A Christmas Carol (prologue)

Argh! I have a long blog post (and video!) about going to the Disney premiere of A Christmas Carol, all set to post, but all the photos are stuck on my boyfriends' camera and noone can find the cable to get the photos and video onto a computer! So I've been holding back posting anything because I don't want to put up a boring meh post of millions of words with no pictures. However, if I don't find something by tomorrow, I am just going to post the blog and vlog and then post another thing with all the images once I find the damn cable or a card reader.

NB I need to get a video camera of my own.


Nunya said...

camera cables are pretty universal and can be found at any electronics or camera store. Many cameras today use USB to mini-USB.

Anonymous said...

Cables, in general, have a anooying tendence to get lost.
Good luck finding them!