Saturday, November 07, 2009

Cheryl and Simon

Ever since this jerk friend of mine told me that he 'knew' that Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell were having an affair, I can't get it out of my head!! It's so gross and weird. But then the other day my housemate bought Closer magazine (I know :/) and there was a whole article in it about how Cheryl and her footballer husband never see each other and are 'on the rocks!!', and then today I found this amazing site of X-factor GIFs (thankyou internet <3), and IT LOOKS IRREFUTABLE. LOOK AT SIMON'S ARM SNAKING AROUND CHERYL D: As we all know, if a gif exists, it definitely happened.


NusaCat said...

Well, you would know! After all, you're God, and there's video to prove it!

Jim B said...

Luv the palm face by the girl onstage.

(That's Girls Aloud for you.)


Paloma said...

Tha's weird.!

Sara said...

it does look a bit suspicious!
she can do better! i cant sincerley believe she's actually attracted to him? hhmm

Office Manager said...

God someone needs a life!