Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Stickam Painting Day! Sat Aug 8th ALL DAY

So do you remember ages back I did some paintings on Stickam and auctioned the canvasses from before they were even painted, then had people tell me what to paint while I was painting them? No? Well, I'm doing it again this Saturday! I'm also ebaying a couple of paintings that I've had laying around for ages that I don't like that much (I HATE the painting of the orchid but it took forever and I can't throw it out or paint over it!). So yeah, check them out and come to the Stickam-fest on Saturday. I'll be on there all day so you should be able to see it! I'll twitter about it and whatnot so hopefully people won't forget before the day :P

This is my Stickam page, I'll be on for all of Saturday UK time from about 11am or so, til late at night. US time is 5 hours behind on the East coast and 8 hours behind on the West coast, so if you're in California you might want to watch earlier in the day as I'll probably finish about 1 or 2am UK time which is 8pm there.

Click on the below photos to go to the ebay auction pages for each thing. I'm including a British candy bar OF YOUR CHOICE with each auction, and an origami lily! So exciting I know :P

These are the (EXCITING!) blank canvasses:

This is one I painted a blue gradient background onto already:

And these are the ones I'm selling that are finished already:

I'll sign them all before sending them tho.


Eshniner Forest said...

I like this.

butterfly2729 said...


[not shouting, honest.]

Isabelle (Bel) said...

OH FUCKS, I'll travel tis saturday, fuck fuck fuck

Vincent van Gogh said...

I'm sending you my other ear.

Jim B said...

That sound like fun.

(Would you be willing to substitute some English taffy for the candy bar?)

Jake said...

i look forward to it :)

satire and theology said...

Nice use of colour.

Happy Weekend.