Sunday, August 09, 2009


So the painting day was a HUGE Success!! Pirates, robot penises, fridge marriage proposals, and, of course, painting! It was a long day but really fun and I had a great time talking to all the awesome people who hung out all day!! I definitely want to do it again soon! For like a half day every month maybe?! And we could theme them too! I want to do one on Pirate Day! where everyone has to dress as a pirate and the paintings will be pirate themed! And Halloween! And Christmas! :D

Ok so here are the finished paintings!! These aren't great photos but I JUST came off stickam and am FRIED! haha! I am going to scan them in properly tomorrow but for now, enjoyyyyyyyyy!

'Blue Background'
now called 'Cookies Diving Into a Glass of Milk'

'Blank 1'
now called 'Robot Fighting a Squid'
IMG_6405 IMG_6404

'Blank 2'
now called 'Fat iPod Gorging Himself On Tunes'
IMG_6407 IMG_6408

'Blank 3'

Now called 'Dancing Pills'

There's some slight additions and modifications to them all, and I've signed them all too, but I will post those photos tomorrow! And I'm going to show them in a video too! Woooooooot :)

Time for a bath and bed now!!