Sunday, August 30, 2009

Letter from Cyprus (flight to/from)

While I was in Cyprus (well, when I was on the plane there and back) I wrote a letter to the internet... I don't know why, I just had the urge. If you feel so inclined, please read on! I could transcribe them for easier reading but... by now you know I'm not exactly unlazy.
If you click on one, it will take you to the flickr page and you can see it larger so you can easily read it. :)


blath said...

Hi I was just listening to music and I <3 transcribing and such. So here is my attempt. -
Dear internet. I'm on the planet.
If I was somewhere I could use
the internet, I'd be able to
incenssently twitter all this crap
but as I am hundreds of feet in the air I'm unable to....
Alas. So I thought I would write the internet a letter!
And then I'd scan it & upload
it and it would all be 'AWESOMEZ'

Dedicated readers / watchers/stalkers
may recall my writing a letter
when I went to Munich many
(3) years ago! This is like
that but super lame.
So ANYWAY. I watched '17 Again'
I am a fan of the ZEFRON.

Now I'm watching this film with
Nia Vardalos in it ... She
plays a tour guide in Greece ....
its pretty lame and lazy comedy

Also, WTF, she's a total skeleton!
She used to be the too-fat-to-be-leading-lady actress but now she got thin she gets to star in her own made-for-airplanes films! WTG.

I'm writing this with the
free pen that came with my
logic puzzles book. Yeah I RULE!
Ha, this film does suck so much.
OMG, just realized that one of
the characters in this used to be in

Oh I just looked and it turns
out that its called "My Life In Ruins". Bwa ha ols

You get it? Because it's in
Greece where there are loads of
ancient [u]Ruins[/u]. Hilarious.
Oh I promise to stop talking
about this stupid movie. Although
there's nothing else to talk about.

Oh here's a thing - why are
there always Rabbis in the
airport? do Rabbis travel more
than other religous people like
priests and nuns. or do I just
travel to especially jewish places?

God if this woman gets with
Richard Dreyfuss I'm going to
poke a baby? (theres babies on
this plane, and they cry sometimes).

Oh noes she got icecream on her
blazer! LOLZZZ.

Ugh my nose gets so dry on planes
ewww. It feels so gross but
theres nothing I can do! Is it

advisable to moisterize one's inner

OMG U GUIEZ the couch driver
in this movie's name is Poopie!
And his surname is Kaka.
Top class. This is actually kind
of embarassing to watch.

LOL Greek people are funny they
have accents! They smash plates
and are hairy! Their food looks
[u]weird[/u]! I'm heading out for an
overweight woman with hairy armpits,
and everyone getting trashed on
Ouzo. They are making the
stupid American characters quite
awfully stereotypical too though.

I hope they have some smart
asians and some ghetto black
folk eating fried chicken! LOL
different people are so FUNEEEE
Argh I hate the way movies treat
Australians! So stupid.

Aw I can't wait to get to Cyprus!
I've never been but I've heard so
much about it! Yay! It's gonna be
Sunny and Nice and hooray [pic of happy circle with arms and legs]
bet I don't write anything while
I'm actually there and just write
stuff on the way back. I'm
looking forward to eating meals
Cypriot halloumi cheese! My most
favourite thing everrrrr! You have
never before tried it, I urge you try
it as [u]soon[/u] as you can!

Ew Richard Dreyfus has TWO hot
woman in his room. Grossss.
Ha ha so Dreyfuss went to hospital
and now all the people on the tour
want to visit him (last two words pen starts to fade). WTF stupid
free pen! You get what you pay
forrrrr I'm hilarious.

Check out my lovey writing paper!
free with a magazine, which?
you can guess for yourself (arrow pointing to corner of "ELLE" logo)

blath said...

Haha this film ends with a ton
of Greek dancing! Which, by the
way. I am awesome at.
EW! Burger King chicken
nuggest [u]SUCK[/u]!
And with that, I am back
in an airport travelling
home after the best week
ever. tv.

Seriously this place... So MANY
douchebag english people!
Right now I'm sitting behind
this guy with his 3 daughters.
he's just complaining about
how much things cost & their
friends being free loaders or
some shit. Across the
room is a women with
hair like! (arrow pointing left )
(drawing of lady from chest on up, with description on top pointing to head 'spikey at front' and descriptionn right of picture 'looong on sides & back')

Needless to say I'm doing
it when I get back because
it looks awesome (NOT)

This whole place is full of tools!
Most of the flights go to
England so I keep thinking
I'm going to miss my flight.

I am eating a burger &
fries & dunking nuggets
(nuggets of sadness!)

And.... nothing else. I bought
a much needed additoin to
my lipstick collection from
Duty free. Definitely don't
have that PRECISE shade
of reddish pink grease
areadly. I have an
hour to kill and I'm
pretty sure I've done
everything there is to here!
Might get a (?)rone-home(?)
cookies & a frappe. fuck
I am going to miss the
sunshine! Back to England
and her dreary sadness.

Jim B said...

My guess is, "pre-home cookie & a frappe."


(Ruins speak for the past.)

Faz said...

I wish I knew someone transcribed the pictures before I tried to decipher the handwriting on my own. lol :-)

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