Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Woah so, I'm back! I went to Cyprus for about 10 days. I'd never been before and it was AWESOME! :D This is going to be a long post about my holiday so I'll tell you whats up first and then you can leave if you don't want to see holiday snaps.
We didn't win the Skindividual thing! :'( But I think the girl who did win had WAY more people signed up to it and seems to be much more into those bands than me so I think it's well deserved. I have about 200 emails and other stuff to respond to (and I haven't even checked google reader or youtube yet :/) So I might be out of e-action for a few days but I want to make a video soon! So... watch out? haha
Oh also! to the people who bought the paintings I did, I'm so sorry I didn't sign the Ghost TV one! I meant to, I don't know why I didn't do it :/ I hope they all got there ok!

Ok sooooo me and by brother flew to Cyprus, with our magic wings that we grew. We got there at about 4 am and fell asleep pretty much straight away. My boyfriend (who grew up in Cyprus) picked us up and took us to the hotel. It was an easyhotel, which is a chain of hotels based on the easyjet brand which is just super basic with optional add ons that you can pay for. It sounds skanky as hale but it's not bad and it was super cheap. And seeing as we were there to see Cyprus rather than stay in the hotel all day, it was fine. Good service will stay again B+++.

I took my camera but didn't get round to buying any batteries on account of being lame. I took a few photos on my phone but that's it! I know I know, lame. I did, however, write a letter to the internet, as it were. I wanted to twitter when I was on the plane but obviously I didn't have an internet connection there, so I wrote a letter, which I am going to scan and post on here! It's just my journey on the flight mostly.

Cyprus is HOT! Like, you-might-die hot. I love that, but most people seem to hate it. I wore factor 30 suncream every day, applying it like I had OCD but I still got a little burnt! Not too badly but I only had one tiny part of my back exposed accidentally to the sun with no cream on and it was burnt! So, yeah... this just in, if you go somewhere as sunny as Cyprus, suncream vigilance is recommended. Haha that sounds like a band name: Suncream Vigilance!

Anyway, we were in Larnaka, where there's a ton of nice cafe's along next to the beach, and everyone has frappes all the time on the nice couches that are outside. It's SO NICE! haha, it's like a dream come true I tell you, a dream come true! It's so warm that they have couches that they just LEAVE OUTSIDE. It never rains, there's not even the possibility of rain. Or fog or mist or dew. And also no chance of people just slashing them or drawing giant dicks on them. I can't imagine anything like this in England, at ALL.

So we went to the beach a few times there, we had amazing cyprus food all the time, I ate my bodyweight in delicious meats and halloumi cheese. We went to this cool pub that's there, they give you a bowl of popcorn with your drinks? Which seems weird but is also very awesome. Also they come over and serve you when you sit down, not like jostling-at-the-bar English pubs. The smoking ban hasn't happened there yet, and I was kind of surprised at how much I had gotten used to there being no smoking indoors of pretty much any building here in the UK. It didn't bother me, it just surprised me that it surprised me, if you know what I mean.

One of the days we went to Nicosia, which is the capital city, and also is the only divided city that belongs to two countries! Cyprus is officially at war, and the north part is under Turkish control, while the south is Greek. Nicosia literally has a border control across the middle of the city, where you have to show your passport and get a stamp as you leave the Greek part and then get another when you come back, leaving the Turkish part. We (me, Alan, Chris and his cousin Antoni) went through this rigmarole to have a look round the other side.

It was so strange! I had no inkling that there would be much of a real difference between two sides of the same city, that has only been divided for about 40 years, but there really was. While the south part is very European-feeling, the north part felt like a totally different place. I felt for the first time since being there that I was in a foreign place that I could potentially be in any danger. South Cyprus is greek, and therefore greek orthodox, ie, christian, and North Cyprus is Turkish, ie, Muslim, and there were a few mosques around the city which just added to the sense of difference on that side. The whole place seemed dead- I barely saw people, and the people there were seemed pretty miserable, sitting in the shade of ramshackle awnings and crumbling buildings. The whole place felt like it was in disrepair, just falling apart. The only shops that seemed to be open (or even currently in business) were selling fake designer bags. I'm sure there's plenty of nicer areas but it was really weird and I was quite glad to leave it.

We met up with Chris's friend Cristalleni (I probably spelled that wrong) and then went back to the other side, after having our passports checked and stamped. We went to a nice bar (that had wifi!) and had frappes and lemonade. Then we went to another bar which was also a bookshop and played scrabble and smoked an apple shisha together which was fun! Then went to yet another bar that had a huge list of belgian beers to choose from and again more popcorn.

On the last night alan was there, we had a meal for my birthday, where me, Alan, Chris, Ant, Chris's cousin Vasilia, her fiance, and Chris's other cousin Maria had a HUGE meze meal, which basically means a ton of different things on different plates that you all share brought out over a couple of hours. You start with salad and dips and bread, then move onto cheese and meats and stuff, then onto more meat and fish and then you descend into a food delirium. There were snails at one point. It was all most excellent and delicious :D

The day after that, me and Chris got the bus from there to Ayia Napa, another town further up the coast that is like Ibiza or something. We stayed in a hotel in a town just next to it as a treat for my birthday and it was amaziiiiinnnggggg! I've always wanted to stay in a fancy hotel with a pool and sun loungers and just sit next to the pool and stuff (growing up my parents viewed time spent at the hotel as wasted time and I have pretty much never lounged by a pool on holiday before, let alone for a whole day!). The first night we went out to Ayia Napa with Ant, his brother Chris (another cousin of Chris's... lots of cousins) and Matt and Nikki who Chris and I went to university with in one way or another but at different times (this is so confusing). The place is like a disneyland of alcohol. It's kiiiind of awesome. I recommend it! We only went to two bars: Bedrock (Flintsones Themed!) and Aruba (I think it's supposed to be safari theme? I don't know). I wanted to go to this one that was themed like a castle but it was a club and you had to pay to get in and by then I was pretty drunk and some people had to drive and stuff. There's people who accost you in the street to tell you about the mega cheap deals in their bar: the reason we went into Aruba was cause this short scottish guy convinced us that it was the cheapest place to get drunk in town (his words!). We got two beers and two shots for €5 (about £4.50 or $9 I guess). I only wish I had gone there while I was at university. The Black Eyed Peas song 'I Gotta Feeling' is very popular. I think they could have played it on repeat and people wouldn't have minded.

The next day, after recovering from my hangover with just melon and a hardboiled egg from the vastly comprehensive breakfast buffet at the hotel (why is bacon called 'speck' in German?), we went to the pool, where we swam around and lounged all day long. There was a barbecue which we had kebabs from (delicious) we had iced tea and more frappe, at one point someone came around giving out cold towels. COLD TOWELS. FROM A FRIDGE. THAT WERE ROSE SCENTED. Noone I've told about this has been sufficiently excited about that but I can still not get over it. Rose scented cold towels to put on your face!!!!!!! Delivered right to your sunlounger!!!

Anyway, it was thoroughly awesome. There was a high percentage of the out-of-shape-middleage-guy-with-younger-hot-wife demographic around, which I kind of enjoyed in a weird way, and there was a family from Liverpool (judging by accent) and one of the daughters was yelling at her (fatter, younger) sister in the pool, "UGH! I SAID I didn't want to get my hair wet!! *storming out* And you wonder why everyone hates you!!" They'd made up later though as we saw them playing ping pong together.

After all of this excellence, we came back to Larnaca on the bus, where Chris and Ant and Maria took us to the airport, where I solemnly flew home (again on my wings that I use for such occasions). The hotel was crawling with annoying English people and I hated them all. I wrote some more of the letter-to-the-internet, got on the plane and then watched Monsters Vs Aliens (3.8 out of 5) and Last Chance Harvey (3 out of 5). The guy sitting next to me was kind of weird... it was a pretty boring flight- I blocked out most of the screaming children noises with my ipod or the seat-back TV. And then was home!

I had such a good time in Cyprus, I want to go again! I can see why people love it so much. I hope I do get to go again one day. I feel energised after the trip, I want to be productive and work harder at everything! I have been so complacent for too long, I need to work hard and just try harder. I think I'm going to save and get some more education. Everyone I tell this to seems to think it's a stupid idea, but I want to do a course in something like book keeping or accounts, so that I can do more specialised temp work (and get paid more for it), and if and when more fun art projects come up, I can drop the temp work and do them instead. I have found that doing artistic creative things as a job are too draining on my creativity, which leaves me not doing anything creative outside of those jobs, which seems like more of a waste of my talents than being paid for doing something non-art oriented. I don't know if that makes sense, but it does in my head.

I'll post photos when I find the cable to upload them from my phone :)


NusaCat said...

I know what you mean about smoking. Smoking bans vary by state in the US, so I get little mini-culture shocks every time I leave California. I've also visited countries where nearly everyone smokes, so I know the other end of the spectrum as well.

Jonanovi said...

Amazingggggggggggg post

Danny Pettry said...

Great post.

So, when are you going to write a book. You can write well. You could write a book on how to make fun art: 101 amazing projects with Paper Lilies or How to Make a YouTube Video in 5-min. or less. get it - 5-mins.? anyway. I think it would mega-boost you to have a book on the market. Something you can get at Amazon. I'd help you, even tho you don't need my help.



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P.S. I sent you a picture of a cake - it is a pig cake!

lucy said...

Rose-scented cold towels!! Awesome!

LWL said...

... never misunderestimate the impotenz of ejukayshun ...

Jim B said...

Αγια Ναπα looks nice this time of year. But I doubt if I would settle for just lounging about the pool all day.

Have you ever been to Κνωσος in Crete?

afja said...

What you were saying about the accounting class totally makes sense to me.. seems like a good idea :D

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