Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cupcake photos!

I meant to do this more periodically but I've only just gotten round to it and there's loads stored up!! These are some of the pictures people have sent me of their awesome rainbow cupcakes! (and some other random cakes too!) Thanks to everyone who sent me a cake pic! :D Hope they were delicious!

Who sent about a hundred photos of them eating the cakes! <3
iheartparamore13 2

iheartparamore13 1


Awesome noughts and crosses cake and microphone cake!!
NKKnono 2

NKKnono 1

Excellent addition of chocolate icing!!
thegreatperhaps 2

Who made an excellent "collection of criminals and misfits" click through for the larger sized picture to see the awesome eyepatch and cigarette details on these ne'er-do-wells!
tummyroad 3
tummyroad 1
tummyroad 2
I'm getting so hungry making this post! Those look so delicious!!
Lol sorry for not turning this photo around! I'm too hungry... must make cake....

Who made these with her lovely nieces Elan and Eleri <3
missmossxx 1

missmossxx 2

who suggested mixing the cake with icing til it's all like a smooshy playdough consistency, then FREEZING IT to make cake-sicles! Ahhh this is such a delicious (and dangerous!) idea! I love it!
IfAutumnEnds 1
IfAutumnEnds 2

Who assures me that these are brown, white and yellow inside...

This made me lol <3

Oh goshhh thankyou to you all! sorry I took so long to post this! It took foreverz! I have to find some cake now!
If you sent me some of these pics and I got your name wrong or haven't linked you properly, let me know and I'll put it right!


Nitin said...

i have never seen soooooo many cupcakes in my entire life!!! :P

katie said...

i love cupcakes me!

Anonymous said...

hi... just dropping by!

Nellie said...

thx for the idea!! I decided to make them for my birthday haha. these were mine haha!

Isabelle (Bel) said...

mine isn't there but don't worry.. it didn't turned to be a cake... but a layer of colourful eatable thing

Isabelle (Bel) said...

didnt turned was GREAT!