Saturday, June 27, 2009

Vote for my terrible no good video!

So I made a music video.
I posted it on youtube. I worked for 3 solid days on it. Editing it for literally 3 solid days. At the end of it, maybe the video isn't as great as it could have been with more time (and sure, more skill) but there it is, finished.
So anyway, here's the video if you're dying to see it. Don't get your hopes up as it hasn't been well received!

We had to rush it because we wanted to enter it into the competition for The Green Man Festival. So yeah. People aren't loving it on youtube. I feel extra senstitive about it because other people were involved in the music and the video making and I feel like I've let them down somehow. I wish I'd had a few more days to work on it, or a day or two to not work on it so I could come back with fresh eyes and see what would make it better.

ANYWAY I should stop this pity party! The reason we made it was to enter this competition.
So if you care about me (regardless of my apparent lack of any skills or redeeming qualities) please go and faff around to vote for it! There's one question on the info form that asks what band is headlining a certain day. For ease of reference, the first day is headlined by Animal Collective, second day by Jarvis Cocker, and third day by Wilco.

I promise to make more populist stuff from now on.


Rebecca Mcgrane said...

bryony (or paperlillies whichever floats your boat) I think the video is quite good, I enjoyed it and maybe some of your subscribers didn't, but it is a good video.
but its different from your usual video and maybe they just can't except the spectacle that is the video. I hope skullglasses win, good luck! And don't beat yourself up you did a good job.
becky, Ireland

mollymouse said...

I thought the video was good! Whoever did the make-up job is really good, cause the skull make-up looks great.

Carmen said...

I really enjoyed the video. Definitely different from what you usually do, but that's also why I liked it so much. I didn't expect it. Love the song! Good luck!! :)

k said...

It makes me sad that you feel sad about your video. It's not bad.

Vivian said...

I like your video. My only suggestion would be to darken the background down.

Your fans are probably thinking about the video you did for Frank Sinatra (which in my opinion was better then the original) and this video is very different.

Great job!

LWL said...

... gettin' there ...

one day soon yer gonna blow like the wind

one day soon

PorkStar said...

cool vid.. but I can't go to the link provided. The page comes up blank.

icanbeatyouatgolf said...

that's pretty fucking depressing what's the problem. it reminds me of radiohead or summat

surf said...

If I owned a network I would give you your own show and contract.