Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Turner/Rothko and Terminator Salvation

Yesterday I went to the Tate Britain to see the Turner/Rothko exhibition, which was good but was pretty much90% Turner and 10% Rothko. It was supposed to be a comparison between the two artists, as they have similarities in their work. Turner painted things like this:

And Rothko painted things like this:

But they were separated by over 100 years. Anyway, it was pretty great to see these things IRL after admiring them for years without seeing many of them. I am so lucky to live in London surrounded by all these galleries that are FREE! Yay my life is super.

After that highbrow culture bath, me, my housemate Laura and our friend from university Dan went to see TERMINATOR SALVATION! We couldn't get any of our other friends to come with us as they all snobbishly brandished the terrible reviews it has at us. But I like some trash, Laura loves Christian Bale and Dan likes The Terminator. So we watched it at an Odeon Cinema and the usher let us sit in the MAGICAL SOFA SEATS! They're actual sofas that are super comfy and usually cost more, but the usher was the greatest guy in the universe and thus, let us sit in them.

Anyway, the film was great! It was a silly action movie, but in my opinion, it had a lot of heart, wasn't too cheesy or cliche'd, had some HAWT guys in it (not into Christian Bale, but totally obsessing now over the new guy in it, Sam Worthington). So, yeah, I think it was good. I have always missed pre-teen Edward Furlong in all the terminator films (aside from 2, obviously) so the fact that he wasn't in it was kind of a pooper for me (despite that, you know, being impossible). OH! and for the original film's fans, there is a total SURPRISE in it! That you will shit your pants at when you see it. Which face it, everyone is going to see it eventually, even if it's just on TV at Christmas a few years from now. THEN YOU'LL SEE.

After that, we got pizza and went home. T'was awesome times!!

Today I am planning on making a video and finally posting the cupcake photos people sent me! And eating left over pizza. Mmmmm.


Danny Pettry said...

I enjoyed yesterday's most recent photo of you better.

twenty.seven.cents said...

the 'suprise' wasn't real. :( which saddened me a bit, but I think it would have been too lame if it was totally real... talking in code is hard. lol.
I kind of got annoyed at Christian Bale's monologues every five minutes... I dunno.
nice post. :)

Jake said...

big up turner!

Christian Bale said...

Good for You !

katie said...

i'd love to see those cupcake photos! your blog makes awesome reading. x

satire and theology said...


Very nice abstract colours.


Dani said...

I live in Houston, Texas in the U.S. and we have this building called the "Rothko Chapel." It's really nice. It's basically just this large room with Rothko's paintings hanging on all the walls. What's unique about the building is that all the paintings are in various shades of black, makes the room have an eerie feeling. You should check it out if you are ever here!