Sunday, June 07, 2009

The Apprentice: IT'S FINISHED Q.Q

So The Apprentice is finished! :'( I was relieved that ......
crap I can't remember her name!! I haven't slept for about 28 hours?? Or something. Brain. Fried. Derp.

I am relieved that Yasmina won! She was pretty great. Those chocolates looked like they tasted crap but the box was awesome!

To say adieu to the show, please listen to this magnificent ode to the wonderful Margaret Mountford, one of Sir Alan Sugar's aides, who has left the show now:

By the marvellous Joe Cornish, of Adam and Joe. Seriously they are the best radio show DJ people ever. GO AND DOWNLOAD THEIR PODCAST IMMEDIATELY! They are hilarious. Noone can compare.


BenLoka said...

HAHA!! Thats so weird, I was just talking about this song like 5 minutes ago... then I see it here!! =D

Harv said...

It was my favourite series yet :D Im still kinda gutted kate didn't win though i think she deserved to win. Strawberry and Basil yeuchhh :P

Isabelle (Bel) said...

Hey, I don't remember but... are you going to answer back the stickers? I sent you some, hope you like it. They are cute! I translated some, but there are so many!

Jake said...

i think find it tight that they record 2 endings so that they both get hired and then they choose which one they wanna show on the night so that no one knows. i'd love to see what kates reaction was when she got hired!

Martin said...

No no no no no! No! Granted the only full episode I watched was the final but I still can’t believe Kate lost. OK she got the pricing a little bit wrong but everything else in her task kicked bottom. I was cringing all the way through Yasmina’s presentation. The dancers? The actors shock when tasting the chocolates, I didn’t think they looked electrified, I thought they might puke!

I may be a little biased given Kate’s good looks but I was genuinely shocked when Alan Sugar didn’t pick her. He’ll never be Donald Trump :)