Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Help me with my CV photo headshot thing!

Hey guys so I am making my CV and some of the jobs I'm applying for are kind of performancy, which means I need a 'headshot'. I have a TON of photos of myself (photobooth will do that to a girl) so I have plenty to choose from but I don't know which to choose!! So below are some that I was considering, could you comment and let me guage which is the best? Or if there's any in particular you think would work let me know that too. It needs to be one where I have the same colour hair I do right now (ie, grubby blonde colour).
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Hayley said...

I like 4 and 5.

sweetcharade518 said...

4 seems most appropriate for a headshot.

Anonymous said...


Dan said...

#4 if you want to look confident and professional, or the Dailybooth photo with the tiara if you want to go for something a little more quirky.

Anonymous said...

I'd say number 2 just because if I were hiring you I would probably kill myself laughing... but if you want to be all professional (and let's face it, no one would trust the likes of me with hiring anybody) I say go with 5.

Simon said...


raindrop said...

i think number 4 or 5 would work best just because they show off your pretty face in the simplest way.

Mario said...

I like 3 (although the Tiara picture on the right is nice too). 3 is enough to show what you look like, and how pretty you are, but it shows your personality too. The best choice would probably be to switch pictures depending on who you are sending it to, though.

NusaCat said...

Theatrical or Commercial? From your selection, I'm assuming you need a theatrical shot.

#1 ok with minor cropping
#2 ok for a portfolio, but not for a solo shot
#3 ditto
#4 ok if you crop off the sides
#5 nice shot, but the background is way too busy
#6 it's more of a boob shot then a headshot, but could be ok if you actually had most of your head in frame.

I like #1 and #4 poses the best. #1 seems to have a better focus on your face, #4 is a bit fuzzy and less well lit. So of those 6, So I'd go with #1. I assume you have a higher-resolution version for printing.

NusaCat said...
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k said...


Sara said...

1st choice is the one with the hair moustache, then number 5.

Anonymous said...

I love #4 :P
You look beautiful there.

I mean, not that you're not beautiful already but... meh, you know what I mean.



Ali said...

I can't remember what one I was going to suggest.. I think the 2nd one and the 3rd..

Michael said...

1 or 4 :D

MajorWallaby said...

#1 and #6

Anonymous said...


Chumroopa said...

#4 :)

Rebecca Mcgrane said...

1 and 4 :)

Mariechen said...

2 or 5

rAm said...

3 :-{)

.. or something that is not here.

Lulag said...

definitely 4. it's the most headshotty..? plus, you look beautiful :)

Lulag said...
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katie said...

you should add photo 1 to your CV. it's a good photo.

Alexei said...
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Alexei said...

I'd suggest 1 or 4.

Jim B said...

IMAO, #1 and #5 are the coolest.

Scott said...

You should seriously consider having professional headshots done. These are fine snapshots, but for jobs of the kind you refer too, where a casting director might see hundreds or thousands of photos each week, you need to have the best headshot you possibly can.

pwrflwr said...

I like number four. You look sly and sexy.

Kelly said...

#1 - the simple background paired with your direct expression catches the most attention and offers room for wanting to know more.

roygbiv said...

It's like what Scott said, especially when anyone projects a certain amount of their character and life through the internet through so much time.
If they know that you went out of your way to have something more professional done then they'll know that you're taking it seriously.

Jamal Ashiqain said...

If I were to chose the photo which represents you the way you actually look, assuming from the youtube videos I would rather suggest you go with the 1 and number 6.

Faz said...

I would rank them in this order from preferred to least preferred.

1, 4, 5, 6, 3, 2

Isabelle (Bel) said...

I would vote 4, but doesn't it have to be a neutral photo? No posing or anything?

roygbiv said...

Actually the best one is the B&W one on the right (curlers)

Anonymous said...