Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Now Monopoly is for girls too!!

So the other day I happened to be in Toys R Us (I like to browse) and in the pink aisle of stereotypically girly things, there was this gem:

Monopoly Boutique Edition

Monopoly Boutique Edition, a 'girl' monopoly. I almost put it down and moved on, thinking 'eh, I guess it's just the same as regular monopoly but just with a pink board and in a pink box'. But then I noticed the playing pieces on the front:

Monopoly Boutique Edition

Alongside the requisite monopoly car was a pair of sunglasses and what looks like a chihuahua. Uh... I suppose that's par for the course if you're going to make the board and hotels pink. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE!

I turned the box over and read the little write-ups:

Monopoly Boutique Edition

"It's the Monopoly game like you've never seen it, dressed up in pink and all about stuff you love. Buy boutiques and malls, go on a shopping spree, pay your cell phone bill and get Text and instant messages. You and your friends will adore the funky tokens, cool buildings, and cute illustrations. Best of all, the game is stored in a beautiful keepsake box. So gather some girlfriends and play the world's most popular boardgame - designed just for you!"

Oh my god. I have been playing monopoly for all these years, without realising I wasn't really supposed to. What was I thinking?! Playing monopoly with that crappy old boot and top hat?! Buying hotels and houses when I could have been sashaying around the board wearing sassy flip flops whilst chatting on my 'celly' to my bffs on the way to get mani-pedis! Oh Em Gee you guyz, I totes have to pay my cell bill ewwwww. Oh awesome I just got an IM that says I won a modelling contract!! PHEW! I gtg, TTFN!!!

There's more:

Monopoly Boutique Edition

  • 8 collectible tokens just for girls
  • Keepsake storage box with removable tray and mirrored insert
  • Pink gameboard with fun properties like "Jillian's Jewelry Store" and "Savannah's Super Spa"
  • Pink and purple translucent boutiques and malls instead of houses and hotels
  • Instant Message and Text Message instead of Chance and Community Chest
  • Pink Title Deed cards
  • Redesigned Monopoly Money
  • Flocked bankers tray
  • 2 pink dice
  • Instructions

Savannah's Super Spa. I wonder if you can get a brazillian there.
I can literally not believe that someone wrote this and someone else approved it when it says "8 collectible tokens just for girls".

Monopoly Boutique Edition

Atleast I can wear the board game pieces on a chain or charm bracelet.

I wonder what the boy version of monopoly would be.



Blackcherries said...

The monopoly box comes in a box. That seems sort of redundant.

Lizz said...

I think I'd have actually hit the gift giver had I been bought this as a child. Or at least thrown it back in their stupid stereotypical sexist face. Surely no one would buy this for their kids?!

Jake said...
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Jake said...

talk about halving your target audience!

Jolanta said...

omg hahahaha, at first I thought it was a joke. Need to see one "for boys" :D

rAm said...

cute "illustrations" and "adorable" pieces. Ugh.

In a close topic, this reminded me of this: said...

wow that's disgusting.
Ironically, there's a Paris Hilton documentary... and let's not deny this 'gem' was invented in lieu of her. god.

Paul Carpenter said...

There's nothing quite as business friendly as using outright sexism as a marketing tool aimed at children, is there?

Anonymous said...

Yay! Sexism is fun for the whole family!

Danny Pettry said...

Zombie movie only cost $70.

I read about it on CNN.

You're the girl who is all about making a zombie movie... so, i thought i should share the linnk with ya'

here it is:

oh yeah - the monopoly game... it reminds me of the movie clueless.

pomomonkey said...

They've got "girl" versions of other board games too. Pink "bling" domino sets with pink rhinestone dots, pink "bling" yahtzee a few others I can't remember.

Mariechen said...

I went to the closest Toys R Us store and found it there, too!
So, for the record, there's a german version of this, as well. And thinking back on it, why wouldn't there be a german version, if there's an english version...
Hah, whatever then!

FallenIdentity said...

Hello! I just discovered your site here because someone posted your "uk swears" video on a Spice Girls forum I am apart of. And I became very intrigued, and then watched several of your vids, and now I'm a fan. =) You are just so adorable! I love it. =)

Also, SO sorry about the BAFTAs. :/ You'll get 'em next time!

(oh, and I saw those pink "girl editions" of classic games in the Toys R Us here in the states. Quite ridiculous, though I wouldn't mind a collection of pink games....just not with the alterations to make it "girl accurate". Pish.)

Anonymous said...


Ali said...

I've never wanted something more.

Sandra Guðrún said...

hi I'm a fan of your from Iceland, discovered you on youtube about a year ago, I really like you videos and after reading this blog I really like your way of thinking,

I hate how everything made for kids is divided in two stereotypical groups (don't really know how to explain this in english but I hope you know what I mean) I once worked in a toy store and when people came in and asked for assistance we were always supposed to ask first, are you looking for something for a boy or a girl. Once some woman came in and asked for something for a 3 year old boy, I deliberately showed her some rag dolls and said, these are very popular for this age, my boss was not very happy and told me he had to talk to me privately after work.

Anonymous said...

Is it me....or is that game just a liiiittle bit patronising?

Postman said...

I'll bet you the only reason they haven't made a "boy version" of Monopoly is that the result would pretty much be identical to "Axis and Allies." You know, tanks and airplanes (and the destroyer from the old game) for playing pieces and gun shops and beer halls for properties and so on. And there'd probably be a caveat in the rules somewhere stipulating that if you haven't enough dough to pay the rent, you can challenge the landlord to a fight. If you win, you're off the hook...

Just a guess.

Anonymous said...