Monday, May 04, 2009

Do your bit for net neutrality!

Ugh ok I know I NEVER go on about causes and good effort things BUT! this is SO important and if you're reading this on the internet, which unless you print off your blogs to read later, you are, then this affects you.
Basically, this wednesday coming, the European Parliament are voting on 'the Telecoms Package', which, if voted in favour of, will mean internet providers will be able to block whatever websites they want, effectively destroying the freedoms of the internet. It will be like when you're at school or an office and you go to some site and its all 'nu-uhh! You aren't allowed to look at that!!', which I am sure you have experienced at some point and know how infuriating it is. Imagine that in your house!! And it won't be like, no animal porn, or even no torrents or limewire, it will be whatever the ISPs decide on. If you have internet from BT, for instance, they might decide you can't use Skype or MSN. You will no longer decide what you want from the internet.

SO. The only real way any of us can affect this is to try to show the people voting for this, our MEP's, that we're firmly against this, and why. There's a bunch of ways you can contact your MEPs, there's these websites where you can find info about your MPs and MEPs. There are loads of template emails you COULD send but I tried to send something like that via theyworkforyou and it didn't let me, and to be honest, it doesn't really make that much sense to basically spam someone to try to get a message across. I am writing to them (immediately after this infact) in my own words and am going to explain how it would affect me and why they should vote against the Telecoms Package. I urge you to do the same.

If you don't live in Europe, I don't exactly know what you would be able to do, though as email addresses aren't country specified, I guess you could email them too if you wanted to. Bear in mind if this thing goes through it would affect the whole world and also set a very dangerous precident to other governments.

This whole thing is so scary to me!! I literally have a sick-feeling about it all. Please please please do your part to keep the internet free from corporations' restrictions! Net neutrality is so easy to take for granted, but once it's gone, it will be gone forever.

MEP contacts:
(I've written to my MP before via, which is run by the same people, and got a personal letter back from them, so they do read them (amazingly!))

Ok please do what you can!


psycoticsinginchick said...

I vote we create our own version of the internet that stays neutral forever seeing as it's made by the people for the people worldwide. I vote that this be an underground organization that works off of donations and is entirely free and wireless worldwide.

The internet has been around forever, and now it's in jeopardy. Can't we come up with something better? This way if ISPs decide to shut down certain websites or the Government decides to shut down the web nation wide, we can just switch over.

Nerdfighters UNITE!

Danny Pettry said...

Americanize things. It’s time to get Freedom of Speech in Europe.

Hmm… During the American Revolution… in 1775, Patrick Henry shouted, “Give me freedom of give me death.”

This time…

You should shout… “Give me internet or give me death.”

Make England – the 51st U.S. state.

Talk later


wirrow said...

"keep american pseudo-freedom away from me or give me death"

Angie said...

Hi, I'm in Ireland and didn't know this was happening. Was this in the media, I mean newspapers and radio or did I completely miss it. What is the motivation behind this move. Sounds incredibly sinister to me.


Angie said...

To quote Basil Fawlty; this is exactly how Nazi Germany started.


Angie said...

Hi, I'm in Ireland and didn't know this was happening. Was this in the media, I mean newspapers and radio or like myself did one stumble upon this from watching your very funny entries on youtube? This is very scary.


mark said...

This would be the same EU bunch that wants America to give over control of the ICANN? Yah, right, in your shorts EU!