Thursday, March 05, 2009


I went to the Westfield Center in Shepherds Bush today! It's a big new shopping center which opened just as the 'crunch' hit. It's full of awesome stores ranging from generic mall types like Topshop through to homewares things like Habitat, to super highend like the first (stand alone) miu miu shop in the uk! I didn't look in there because I didn't want to be sad at not having any money or being one of those rich girls from the UAE. My mum and I mooched around it all day, we had salad at a place called 'Tossed' which was delicious but was marred by the eyestabbingly obvious lametard shit written on the back of all the workers shirts, like 'Watch me toss' and 'I'm a tosser'. Ugh. But yeah, delicious and healthy!
I bought some bowls in marks and sparks, a book of cake recipes that was on sale and some cake cup things from Habitat. I've been on the look out for some good boxes for the bathroom but didn't find any. I do indeed live the most exciting life!
Then on the way back we stopped at selfridges to pick up my miu miu wallet which I'd taken back there to be repaired. I scored a free dustbag! I love miu miu, why must they be so expensive? :'( Then I came home and was all boohooey cause I was tired and grumpy.


Allann. said...

Love Westfield. Went just after Christmas early in the morning and no one was there. Got some Christmas cards from paperchase for only 99p for a box of, about 30. I thought it was pretty good.


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