Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I want stickersssss!

Ok so you mayyyy remember I blogged a while back about really wanting some coolio pens that you can write on glass with, and how if someone sent me some, I would totally write them back and send them cool stuff too? (workingo n the sending back part as we speak, I live further away from the post office than I used to!) Welllllllllllllllllllllllll, I got sent about 5 packs of the pens!! So thankyou to everyone who sent me some!! I have either written back already or have written back and it's still sitting in my 'stuff to post' bag, but something is definitely coming your way soon!

So anyway, I wanted to switch up my request line a bit, and so I thought we could have the (first?) international STICKER AND GLITTER EXCHANGE!!!!! The way this works is you send me cool stickers and glitter and rhinestones and whathave you, and I send something back of a similar sort! Or I can send you candy if you prefer, depending on your preferences. Lord knows I'm basically addicted to shiny things, and I looove stickers, I have a huge box of them! So what dost thou say? Sticker exchange? Lets do it you guys! PO box address in the side!


Lizz said...

wow I love stickers I'm in!!

Anonymous said...

I have some old skool stickers I could send along to you. Bonus that they are the shiny ones. ;)

wirrow said...

glitter exchange hahaha
you're precious ;)

Niamh said...

I'm in.

Danny Pettry said...

Hey there Bryony…

I’m your number one fan! Yeah!

Anyway, you’re in luck. I’m a recreation therapist for children. I do a lot of creative activities to help them out…. And I have some stickers… maybe you’ll like them. Maybe you’ll not like them. Maybe you could find yourself starting to like ‘em. I don’t know. Anyway… I’ll send some out to ya’ tomorrow (Wed. March 18). They’re coming from wild and wonderful West Virginia. It’s a state, umm, left of Virginia. (laugh out loud.). So… I don’t often mail things across the Atlantic. I suppose you’ll get them soon enough.


Your new best friend online,

Danny, the uncanny.

iHateAlice said...

i think i have some sailor moon stickers

Blackcherries said...

I'm on it.
I love stickers and glitter. I used to have a billion photo albums full of stickers. The scratch-and-sniff kind, the puffy kind, the fuzzy kind... on and on. <3

Danny Pettry said...

By your good, new friend, Danny, the recreational therapist

Hey there paperlilies,

I’ve sent you some stickers that you’ll love because your picture is featured on them. I hope they make it to you. I only sent mail in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. So, sending something to the U.K. was a first.

It’s easy to do and you may want to make a movie on how to create them.


1. Avery Self-Adhesive Laminating Sheets, 9 X 12 inches, box of 50. (or at least that is what I use.) You can get this at Wal-Mart (if you have Wal-Mart over there) or you can order it online from Amazon.Com.

2. Double-sided-tape. (I get this at Wal-mart as well).

3. Glitter and or other sparkly things (only because I know you love it).

4. Pictures. (These could be little pictures cut out of magazines or pictures of family and friends, or you could even print a picture from the internet.

5. Scissors

6. A little bit of time to make a fun sticker!


1. Print a favorite picture (from the internet or your computer files) or select a picture from a magazine if you don’t have a printer. Here are some more creative ideas: print it on colored paper like florescent pink or yellow or light purpose or green.

2. Write something fun and creative around the picture. You could write “my best friend” if it’s a picture of your friend or “best pals” if it’s a picture of you and you’re friend, or “favorite pet puppy.” I think I had written, “I love paperlilies” or something crazy on the one that I had created you. Of course, I didn’t put a lot of time and effort into the one I made you – so it’s kind of simple. I am a recreational therapist for children. I’ll take a picture of the child doing something she (or he) loves to do. Then, I’ll have the child write, “Look at me, I’m a great painter” or “Wow, look at me play soccer (your football). This is really great for their self-esteem. They’ve got their own sticker of them doing great things.

3. Decorate your picture with glitter or those other shiny things that you like.

4. Open the laminating sheets.

5. Place your picture on a laminating sheet.

6. Place another laminating sheet on top of your picture. Now, you’re picture is laminated. Pretty simple to do. It gives it a glossy, shiny effect.

7. Using the scissors, cut out the picture. You can cut it into a fun shape. Consider creating a heart-shape sticker, a circle, square, or diamond. CAUSION: you don’t want to cut to close to the sticker. If you do, it could fall apart, based on my personal experiences working with children. You’ve got to leave a small border of the laminating paper along the outside of your picture.

8. Stick a piece of the double-sided tape on the back of the laminated picture.

9. Peel the other part of the doubled-sided tape when you’re ready to stick the sticker on something.

10. Finally, stick the sticker somewhere. You could put it on your locker or your book, or your wall, or anywhere.

I hope you enjoyed this fun activity. Go and make many stickers!

Yours truly,


Your new # 1 fan.

Anonymous said...