Friday, March 06, 2009

help me go on the interwebs!

Ok I need your help. I have serious internet issuez right now. Basically my house has internet, but the router thing is broken and therefore the wireless doesn't work, and I can't access the internet via my computer. I COULD get a wire but that will be messy and untidy and I'd rather not have something so 1.0 as a wire in this day and age.
I've been shopping around for a new thing but I basically have no idea what I need. Do I need a wireless router or a wireless modem router? If I get one will it work?? I seriously don't understand what we need. It's so baffling and annoying.

so, yeah, I need to know what kind of thing I need (router or modem router) and what brand is best. I don't want to spend shit loads but at the same time I want something which is definitely not going to fuck up. I like Netgear for example because they look nice and I am a girl and a mac user which is why how it looks is important to me. that's another factor- a PC is the computer which will be connected via a wire, whereas the wireless ones will be macs.

As for what we have right now, I can't remember (it's late and my housemate is asleep in the room with the router thing in it right now), but the other day my boyfriend brought round his aunt's netgear one which we swapped with the current one and that worked though it had a password set on it which we didn't know so couldn't use it properly, but it did show that it was connected to the internet and I could pick it up via my computer in the next room.

so please help me!!! I am confused and really need an internet expert to help me out. Calli told me about some amazing sounding thing where you can hack your router so that it goes at a higher speed but it seems really fucking complicated and as this blog probably shows, I am not about to be able to do that without losing all my hair and crying myself to sleep.

So the criteria are: new wireless router, does it need to also be a modem?, looks nice, is a decent price (less than £60), as fast as possible, works for mac and PC, is piss easy to install and won't fuck up ever. either comment or email me (its at the side somewhere). I'll be super grateful!! Once this is sorted I will probably take this post down so I don't have 500 people telling me how to do this!! Thankyou internets!! I know you are gonna help me out and I am thankful already!


Daniel said...

What you need really depends on how you connect to the Internet. If you connect via a phone line then you will need an ADSL wireless router. If you have cable internet (most likely Virgin broadband) you will need a cable router.

The Netgear Wireless routers are really good, I recommend them whenever people are setting up broadband. Something like (assuming you are using ADSL over a phone line)

In terms of working with Macs and PCs you shouldn't have any problems because the wireless is the same technology regardless of whether you use a Mac or PC. The only real difficulty will be working our which type of wireless security all your devices can support. You want to be using WPA but if you've got any old wireless stuff it might only support WEP so you'll have to use that.

Once you get the router you will need to configure it with you ADSL settings so it can connect to the internet. You should be able to get these from your supplier if you don't have them already. Its usually something as simple as your username and password. Most ADSL uses a common set of settings which the router will probably know.

If you have cable broadband all you would need to do is plug the ethernet cable from your cable modem into the router.

Daniel said...

The eBuyer link I posted seems quite expensive - I found it much cheaper here:

I've had good experience with both sites and can recommend them. Broandband Buyer are a lot more helpful if you have questions before you buy though - and seem a lot cheaper at the moment ;)

NusaCat said...

I can't give any UK-specific advice, but make sure you set up the security on what you get. Otherwise, it's your bandwidth the neighbors will be stealing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryony,
What Daniel says is right - ADSL or Cable is the first thing to suss out. I didn't find wireless easy to setup first time. An ADSL router has a modem built in - and a wireless hub - and your laptop will have a wireless device on it. All need configuring but the wizard does it.

On mine I had to connect by a LAN cable to the router to start with. Mine uses a webpage to set-up the wireless, the webpage is actually in the router and not on the web...

When all done wireless is great for a laptop - no messy wires...

Colin said...

Hi, I use a Mac too and have a spare router I was going to put into storage. It's a Netgear and pretty good, you can have it if you like. Have switched to an Airport Extreme :)

NusaCat said...

Nice offer, Colin. I suspect you just scored some Bryony points!

Anonymous said...

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tomm said...

Get an N router like the D-Link Extreme N Wireless. The speed and range is way better then a G router.

tomm said...

That N router i mentioned is perfect for PC and Mac users, is backwards compatible, and very secure.
Theres a few from D-Link such as the
D-Link Dir 655
or the Dir 855

They cost around $100 but worth it. The speeds are the best you'll get and very easy to set up.

heres a video on the Dir 855

tomm said...

sorry for commenting again but i should clairify.

the D-Link Dir 855 is too pricey around $300 so I would go for the
Dir 655 which is around $100 and will meet all your needs. Plus its apple white :) so looks nice.

heres an indepth review

plus a video

PreyToFailure said...

may i suggest a Buffalo Router?...Ever notice the AOSS button on your Wii or NintendoDS?...Thats a one touch button to make a secure connection with Buffalo Routers.

PreyToFailure said...
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Jorge said...

I have an imac too. If you have CABLE buy a router , if you have (X)DSL buy and modem router.

For cable and mac the best option is an airport extreme (is from apple) but probably very expensive.

Faz said...

lol, hacking your router to go faster. I doubt your broadband connection would go faster than what regular wireless-g is capable of handling.

Anonymous said...