Friday, March 13, 2009


So my internet was being a total beyotch yesterday and I didn't upload a video!!! I know i know, I suck. However, I did make cupcakes so that evens out right? Or are those things not even remotely comparable?

They look way better in person.

I have a ton of stuff to send people so I really have to get that done today! I've been distracted by lots of things lately but today is the day!!


Lizz said...

Yum i'll have a cake! they look good.

PhilH said...

This merely reminds me that I never got around to the cake decorating stall at The Secret Garden Party (music festival) last year.

Damn. A very pretty girl recommended it to me.

NusaCat said...

Too bad it's so hard to mail those suckers!

Jim B said...

I'm starting to crave sugar right now. Those are so tempting.

Danny Pettry said...

I love paperliles! i'm your # 1 fan!


West Virginia

Danny Pettry said...


Hey there Bryony… (paper lilies)

So, I think you’re truly an artist.

You’re youtube videos have inspired me. I love watching them. The 1st one I watched was 50 babies at least… I was like what the? I especially thought it was crazy after the lady who had octuplets. Then I watched tons of your other videos and thought they were great.

So… how do you make your youtube videos? I think I’m ready to start this art. Sounds fun to do.

Create a movie on how to make a movie. What do I need? A webcam? What type of online equipment? Talk to me girl.

Your # 1 Fan,

The Danny

The Misadventures of Miss Manship said...

Yum! Want cupcakes! :-)

solongmarriane said...

I thought I'd accidentally stumbled upon Nigella Lawsons blog. :-) All you need is a shot of you slowly licking your fingers and the metamorphosis will be complete. LOL

Anonymous said...