Wednesday, March 04, 2009


So, some massive cheque that I wrote ages ago and forgot about got cashed the other day and made me go overdrawn and Barclays fucking charged me £22 for the priveledge. FUCK YOU ASSHOLES I am so pissed off!!!!! And I can't even get the internet to FUCKING WORK TODAY because my housemates' router fucking is BROKEN so I have to steal it from some neighbour which means it is totally unuseable. Seriously they invented the term 'spitting feathers' for how I feel right now. My housemate keeps saying she's gonna call the router makers but has she?! NO! and my boyfriend has said he'll bring his one over so we can try it out, but has he? NO! And he's not answering his phone! And my housemate wants to eat dinner and I am so not hungry right now. I want to drink a box of wine and smoke a 10 pack and cough my angries away. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

OH AND ALSO! My room is so fucking freezing!! !A builder said that the wall isn't fucked up but seriously, it's not NORMAL for a room to refridgerate and grow mould on the wall is it? No, it's not. It means the room has damp. Which is fucked up. I seriously do not need this shit right now.

AND! We need dishwasher salt but we don't fucking have any! and the shop is 102291 miles away and it's fucking raining outside.


Edit: I have calmed down now and feel much less stressed. My wonderful boyfriend came over despite having had a tooth out the other day and being in pain and we tried out a different router which didn't work but did show that it's the current router's fault that it's not working at the moment. He also brought me two huge bars of chocolate and is awesome. Also I love my housemate and we had a great dinner (turkey with goats cheese, pear and spinach and pine nut dressing!)


Jason W said...

Insert "back in my day, I travelled 10 miles on foot everyday, up hill both ways" comment here.

Let it out Bryony. *virtual shoulder pat*

Thomas said...
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Thomas said...

Usually being overdrawn is a dreadful thing but somehow being a student has numbed me to all financial worries. Why on earth are you with Barclays of all people though? It's all happening over in Halifax, baby. Also, I would very much so like to join you in your drinking of the wine. And I've already finished half a twenty pack of fags after purchasing them but three hours ago. Sad times. Hope the rest of the week proves to be less stressful and whatnot.

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