Friday, February 20, 2009

Star Trek TV Connexionz internet mega search conundrum

You know when you watch a TV show or a film and there's an actor who you KNOW you recognise, but you can just not work out where from, and it sticks in your brain like something in your teeth and bugs you and bugs you til you eventually can't go on any longer and take your own life?
Welllll today I was watching Startrek The Next Generation, and there was this guy on it who I knew I knew from something from modern times. The storyline was all about Deanna Troi being betrothed to some guy she'd never met, even though he had fantasies about some other woman he'd never seen in real life before and she really had feelings for Riker (who doesn't!) and he was all butthurt about it but it worked out cause they didn't get married in the end anyway. It was kind of a dumb episode. BUT! That guy was from somewhere else, BUT WHERE?! It bugged me all episode, thinking it would pop into my brain eventually, but no.
this is the guy (on the right for anyone who is LAME and doesn't know who Picard is (snort!)):

Before reaching for the pills, I decided to detective it out.

I missed the start of the episode (on sky) so I couldn't rewind it to see the credits at the beginning, and there was no name on the end of the episode to IMDB, so I searched all over the internets trying to find a TV listings page that allowed you to look at what WAS on, rather than what will be on in the future. I finally found the episode listing, which luckily actually showed the title of the episode but no actor details beyond the main characters. I then looked up 'startrek episode guide' and found this insanely detailed (official?) site all about it. And of course they had the episode details. I found the guy, searched for the actors name aaaaaand........
(scroooooll down incase you also are racking your brains and want to prolong your agony of not knowing who this dashing fellow is!)


I literally said 'yessssssss!' and punched the air when I saw who it was! Purely because I finally had the meaty chunk of 'who aare you?!' out of my brain-teeth at last. Also because I am a dweeb. I shall now be able to answer in some obscure future pubquiz that the guy out of Prison Break is called Robert Knepper and starred in an episode of the first ever season of Star Trek The Next Generation.
You probably soooo don't care but this was actually pretty exciting for me.