Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Today I went to Primark and I bought:

  • Duvet cover
  • Pillowcases
  • bottom sheet thing for my mattress
  • 7 pack of socks
  • amazing granny pants
  • assorted underwears
  • tights
  • a small pink bag
  • a large blue shiny bag
  • 'guest towels'
  • those weird tights fabric sock things that are for flats?
  • gel shoe cushions
  • two tshirts
  • pyjama bottoms
  • pearl hairband
  • bow hairband

I think that's it. It all came to about £50. I realised why Primark is so awesome- it's because it's like being mega rich- it's all so dirt cheap that you dont even look at the price of things. It must be how it is for Paris Hilton when she goes round Harrods or something. 'I'll take one in every colour!'

The London flagship store is fucking insane though. Fucking insane.

I never made it to the camera photo thingy as me and my friend Dan couldn't find Scotland Yard! We gave up and went and ate a full english at a greasy spoon, then found it on our way back to the station, before spending money all about town. I also partook in the Clinique bonus time thing! I love getting a set of tiny sized products by spending huge amounts on various crap I don't really need.


NusaCat said...

Hehe...had to look up "full english". Looks like it's about the same thing as a country breakfast here.

You know what they say about not being able to find a cop when you want one. You couldn't even find the police station!

Allann. said...

makes you think - "Where would i be without primark?" - Clothesless sitting in the job center


creativemachine said...

I think you're referring to sockettes? I think... That's what we call them here anyways.

newyorklights said...

The sheet for the bottom of the bed is called a bed skirt, thats what we call them in canada anyways. :)

smallawei said...