Tuesday, February 13, 2001

babies having babies having babies

What the FUCK IS WRONG WITH these freaks!?!?
This is so Sun. This is so Daily Star. This is so Daily Mail.

I hate HATE the term 'Broken Britain' but seriously... the chavscum that maraud the country just don't make sense. There never seems to be any forethinking in people's actions. Someone will pick up the pieces. If I have a baby but don't, you know, have a job or an education or a home, something will sort itself out. There's some sort of benefit I can get on, or I can just fall over in the precinct and sue the council. So lets just fuck our days away, eyes glazed over, monotonously thrust thrust thrusting til we all get gonorrhea and have more babies to perpetuate the lower classes. When the next benefit cheque comes in, lets get the baby's ears pierced and have some special brew to celebrate. Lets call it Kai or Jaymey, no lets just call it chavbaby number 2042901. And lets sell the story to The Sun, as it is, after all, the most klassy of all the tabloids. And when you lose the weight and hit 16 you can be on page 3. And then the baby can start having sex even earlier than we did, and maybe we can be the youngest grandparents of all time, and be in the Sun again! And again and again til the baby comes out pregnant, and that baby is pregnant and it's like a matroyshka doll of chavdom.

Who ARE these people? I don't get it! I just don't fucking understand. I guess this was what it was like in olden times when people would just marry when they were 10 and they'd have babies whenever they got pregnant and keep popping them out til they died from it aged 35. Except if you couldn't support yourself, you'd lose your home and not be able to feed yourself or your family, and you'd eventually go into the workhouse or die. I'm not saying people ought to be cast out onto the streets or anything, but when did this country become such a land of luxury? When did everyone just kind of accept that they didn't have to really do anything to live a life other than be alive?

When I was a kid, I barely even had friends round to my house, let alone a boy, let alone one that would stay the night. Even when I was 18 having a boy in my house was kind of crazy and weird and awkward. How aren't these people awkward?! When I was 13 I didn't even speak to boys. Let alone kiss one, let alone have sex with one and then get pregnant and actually HAVE THE BABY! Sure I'm more awkward than most, and middleclass, and we never read the Sun, but when my friend and her boyfriend had sex when they were 16 it was a HUGE FUCKING DEAL, and they fucking used protection! They actually thought about it for more than the 3 seconds before it was all over. Since when did sex become such a normal non event?! That's it- I couldn't put my finger on why I find all this SO disturbing. It's because it's just not a thing, it's so normal and tedious and meh that these CHILDREN are having sex with each other. That people don't seem to be thinking about it at all, about not becoming pregnant or practicing safe sex or even considering NOT having the resultant baby. It's so EASY to not have a baby for christ's sake. But they still keep coming.

I know this all sounds super arrogant and all, but, well, what is YOUR reaction to this? I can't see it as being anything other than fucking gross and weird and sad and depressing.


Allann. said...

wow. you seem.. passionate about this story lol
when i first read it earlier, i did laugh.. (quite a bit)
obviously this little boy doesn't know what hes doing. and im surprised he even knew what sex was (i didnt at that age)
and the 15year old girl, thought she would have more sense being a lil older that having a baby with a 12 year old, it's just wrong.
whats wrong with playing playstaion? Guess kids theses days aren't in to pokemon any more lol

Rob aka rlglufc said...

I know what you're getting at! These kids have ruined their lives and it's like their parents don't even care. They just accept it. His family are already on benefit and the kid doesn't stand a chance.

Can you imagine having to worry about your child when you're just 13? The only think I worried about when I was 13 was if we had enough jumpers for goal posts!!


Paul Carpenter said...

Honestly, your post seemed pretty Daily Mail. ZOMG these people are on benifits?!?!? Yeah, and so are a lot of people. Perhaps with a better economy there wouldn't be so much of a benefits culture, but that isn't the case and this is.

There's obviously more to this story than the wafer thin reporting in that article. This could easily be the worst thing to ever happen to these people but the Sun glazes over it with sensationalism, in fact worse things could have happened to this family but that wouldn't come up because that's not how that kind of lazy journalism works.

These people are people, not just statistics. Sure they are really bloody fucking stupid people but they are people nonetheless.

The odd quote and emotive photo doesn't tell you anything.

It's impossible to determine why they decided to keep the baby (religious pressure? a lack of support clouding the kids judgement? simply not knowing the options?) and it's impossible to determine why they had unprotected sex in the first place, who knows what kind of emotional turmoil fucked them up in the first place.

When people get fucked up they need support, (and I'm talking actual support, not just benefits) not to be given titles based on their demographic.

Sex became a normal non-event when the media decided that it should only ever be either trivialised or demonised, the same as with every single issue. And the populace followed suit.

Maybe if instead of a half arsed gesture towards fixing society in the form of benefits based on a statistical group, the country actually made an effort, then people wouldn't get fucked up like this. But that isn't going to happen as a result of outcry and sensationalism and "ZOMG CHAVS I H8 THEM ARGH"

NusaCat said...

"Fun" is far more important than long-term consequences when you're a kid. But I was way too shy at the time to have this particular problem.

cudiii said...

wots the big deal my cousans daughter got pregnant at 13 boy woz 14 and i know loads moms left skool for kids. if u get a house the kids r fine no one can plan everything. ur just being mean cause ur fat and have a big chin so lads dont like u why not come up to burnley see how it realy is this happans allways and you shuld help them stop being mean

MajorWallaby said...

Bryony, I agree with your response to this Sun article. Here is another story that gets me upset:


Roger Lee said...

i think it's DISGUSTING

and here in America weren't not much better,

so i guess it comes down to my two annoyances

the octo mom and the 13 year old father.


Deborah said...

It totally disgusting how these people wind up doing this. I was the same way when I was in school and I've never understood how it's become almost normal to just have sex when you're a kid. It's so freaking weird. And you're right, the majority of these 13 year olds who have kids wind up on Welfare or whatever the equivalent is in the UK (the Dole? :/). I wish they'd just get abortions and get it over with!!

creativemachine said...

1)Bryony is NOT fat, nor does she have a big chin
2)"Always" is spelt with 1 L, not 2
3)Just because your cousin's daughter did it doesn't make it right
4)How do you just 'get a house'? I'd actually really like to know.

Bryony, good point. I agree with you. 12, 13 y.o's having sex and reproducing is just plain wrong. I remember it was awkward even to hold hands at that age, how did sex become so "normal" for them?
I disagree with abortion though. Won't go into it here.

Just don't have sex till you're old enough to deal with the consequences (ideally not til marriage, but since when is anything in this life 'ideal'?). Or at least until you're legal.

p00p0ster0us said...

Rats and rabbits have more babies than owls and elephants. It's a sad thing, but I'm glad at least they had the baby and got international coverage so that A LOT of parents will get bitch-slapped by reality and talk to their kids earlier than they ever thought they needed to, just to help prevent stupid kids doing stupid things.

The middle class is weakened and self-centered, and the citizens of Chaville stand out all the more for their mindless milling about.

Harv said...

Cant really blame her she is just getting her life sorted out nice and early. By the time she is 16 she will prolly have another kid, house paid for by the likes of me and other tax payers and enough "wages" to go out get trolly'd on a friday night and pay the babysitter a £10er to get trolly'd on cheap white cider whilst having sex with her boyfriend creating yet another kid and continuing the chav cycle of life lol.

Im afraid this is the way britain is heading.

mia gabrielle said...

yeah i just read about this yesterday.

it's insane! well they're life is kinda over now. they have a huge rssponsiblity

MyOccult said...

In the 200th aniversary of Darwin we seem to be regressing into monkeys.

A funny update, two other lads have come forward and claimed they may be the father lol

Harv said...

lol yeah Myoccult now there are 2 other kids claiming paternity, they must be dreaming about the benefits, council house and all that cash for "their" story!

Says a lot about the 15yo mum though if there is even a possibilty that they could all be fathers.

Alex said...

I completely and utterly agree with everything you said.