Sunday, January 04, 2009

Omg new doctor who?

There's loads of people (ie... geeks on the internet and my family) who are all chattering about the new person who has been chosen to play Doctor Who. If you aren't familiar with the show, well... it's about a dude called Doctor Who, and he travels through time and space and usually protects the Earth from some sort of peril. Well, I say 'man' though technically he's an alien with two hearts and he can regenerate, thus this new guy. The character has been loads of actors before- it's been on for like 100 years or something.

Anyway. So there's this new guy called Matt Smith (sidenote- isn't Matt Smith like, SUCH a 'Guy Incognito' witness protection kind of name?) who's been stated as the new guy.
Ofcourse, this being the internet, there's all sorts of bitching. My brother for one is kind of unhappy with it, my mum and I are indifferent and I don't know what my dad thinks, but the internet is like NORRhe'slikepicardtokirkboohoo. I've watched Dr Who since I was a kid (literally hiding behind the sofa in fear of the Daleks), and seen about 4 or 5 doctors come and go. I've never been a die hard fan, and the last few years of the show have kind of irritated me in various ways (as I've blogged about before). In any case, for me the Doctor has always been of second importance to the story and ideas (and scary aliens etc) in the show. You can't get too attached to any one Doctor, because you know he will change sooner or later, and this change inevitably brings a freshness to things, which I pretty much always see as a good thing in a TV show (which is increasingly reliant on the same regurgitated alien races and saving London from various times in the past, in my humble opinion).

So I sort of feel like all the furore on places like IO9 is dumb. There's a new Doctor who- he's not been in anything yet, we haven't seen him do anything yet, so how can we judge how good/bad he's going to be? Sure, noone made a 'modern' decision to 'break the mould' and make him a woman or a black guy or gay or bald or a child or a furry, but so what?! It's a different person and surely that's all that matters? If they HAD done that, people would have been all 'this is PC madness!' and 'this would be physically impossible as his skintone and sex were predetermined at his birth as shown in series 7, episode 4*' and 'I'm not watching!!! I HATE U BEEB'.

And actually! All we even know about this guy so far is hat he's a white man and he is young. HE COULD BE GAY! Imagine how crazy that would be (ugh, so many camp get togethers with Captain Jack, which there is a certain hint at, judging by past wink-wink allusions to the past 'friendship' that the Doctor and Jack share). Anyway the point I'm making is that people are being insanely judgemental about this as they have seen nothing more than a photo of the dude who is going to be playing the character over a year away from now.

Conclusion: I should stop caring about stupid internet gossip and tv shows.

*I don't know if this is true , I just made this up! It was actually Episode 3.**

** not really!


Obama said...

Change is coming !

Scott said...

I can't speak for others, but I know part of what bothers me is that this Doctor is younger than I am, which makes me feel very old. :(

NusaCat said...

It's bigger on the inside than the outside!

Jim B said...

Personally, I would like to see more of Georgia Moffett who the Dr's daughter Jenny. Did you notice that when she came back to life she still looked the same? That's one up on the Dr.