Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I moved out!

So Im in my new house!
Though there are a bunch of things that combined have made me kind of sadgrumpy. Council tax is like... £100 a month or something! Which, combined with other bills, means my rent is basically double what I thought it was. fuucckkk. Also my room is insane, maybe posessed by ghosts? because it's colder than a witches tit. By which I mean, it feels like it's being actively cooled, like a freezer. Luckily my housemate's parents brought over an awesome heater which made the room deliciously toasty for me last night and enabled me to have a great night's sleep.
The other issue is the internet!!! We have a wireless router but the wireless doesn't want to work, so right now I am sitting in my housemate's room with my laptop plugged into the super short ethernet wire. I think the box is fucked maybe? Anyway, it sucks ballz because one of my greatest pleasures in life is to lay in bed and read my google reader (hundreds of glooorious posts to read nom nom), which is nigh on impossible unless the random non-passworded internet connection from upstairs or next door or somewhere wants to work for me (it never does :()
So yeah, mega annoying. Having said all that, I feel good to be in a new place- I feel like I can be myself a little more in a way. I haven't gotten all my art things here yet (I have about 3 pens and my sketchbook!) but once I do, I can work on drawing allll day long! :) My (vague) plan is to concentrate on building up a great and comprehensive illustration portfolio and try to get into an agency of some sort. I have a few design things to do too, but mostly for personal projects.
I'm very easily drawn into negative emotions- all the above has really gotten me down lately, especially with the FREEZING weather, and my boyfriend being gone for weeks and weeks, I've intermittently felt very low at times. Its important to try to avoid that though, as it's very cyclical and spiralling down is too easy, so I have to try to keep upbeat!
Anyways. In a little while our shopping is going to come and I tidied the cupboards up to make space for everything, so I can put it all away. Then I'm going to go swimming!! I can't WAIT. I love to swim, and haven't been for years! I finally live near enough to a swimming pool that it's a viable option to just pop over there. I probably don't even fit into my swimming costume anymore! I'm looking foward to it, but not to the journey home, due to the cold- I HATE the feeling of water in your ears when you are outside in the cold- it feels likr being attacked by needles into your brain!


Rob aka rlglufc said...

'older than a witches tit'

haha never heard that one before. i'll be sure to use it in future conversations ;)

Rob aka rlglufc said...


but older could work too? :/

P00P0STER0US said...

Congratulations :o)
In spite of the issues with your new place and the extra money it will cost, I know there will come a very special moment when you feel comfortable in your own space. No longer a boarder, but alive and independent in your new environment, thrilled with the prospect of a new beginning. Enjoy! (But do keep the heater going...)

Jim B said...

Yep, sounds like you need a little housewarming.

Steamqueen said...

Okay, this is a little OT, but you must, you MUST do a Casey Anthony video!!!! Aren't we all just wondering what she's doing alone in her little cell ~ munching on Cheez Doodles and chocolates from the commissary and trying to make homemade rotgut out of apple juice and fermented shampoo? Maybe a couple of tattered Christmas ornaments made out of paper and socks? (Not that she's getting stircrazy from isolation or anything.) Let Casey set the record straight because after all, you know she's not going to make up any stories! Let her illustrate with sock puppets (or just socks) and let her show us drawings from the sketch pad she ordered last week. You are SO gifted ~ please make us the most watched hot topic video on You tube!!!!! Casey sets us straight!!!!

Anonymous said...

A portable space heater and electric blanket are in order!