Sunday, December 28, 2008

Window markers! :o

hey!! If you buy these for me and send them to me (they aren't available in the uk and amazon get really ghey about sending things to the uk from the US site :'() I will personally send you atleast an equal monetary amount of (vastly superior to american) candy! (or whatever else you want that I can get a hold of)
Go on pleez :O

I'll be your best friiieeennndd!

There is so much good stationery in the US that you just can't get in the UK. It sucks!! And I love stationery. Like, seriously, it's kind of getting to be an issue.

Oh yeah the address to send to isssss:
PO Box 1116



Chelsea said...

I had no idea Amazon was a homosexual!

Jason said...

Have you tried:

Anonymous said...

I've never commented on here, before, Bryony, but I read and watch your youtube, from time to time. I'll have a looksie around my area to see if I can find you those markers. ^_^ Happy Holidays!

juliana said...

I'll get them for you! I was planning on buying some stuff from Amazon anyways. :)

bargarden said...

Did you ever get your markers? AND where did you get your dressing table that I saw on your youtube vid - My New House. AND i can't believe how nasty & rude people are - my God why???