Thursday, December 11, 2008

what I am wearing today *meh*

black shirt! Black skirt! Black tights! grey cardigan! Slippers!!! HOW EXCITING
(the reason for my weird poses is because I was trying to get my slippers in the shot and I was using my isight camera which is immoveable. so... I don't normally stand in these positions.

Haha I totally just forgot how to blog! I wanted to elaborate more on something than I like to on Tumblr (if you have been hankering for bryony blogging, I've been doing it on the sly on tumblr, because it's easier to do (and I am lazy!). So yeah... I wanted to link and I momentarily forgot how to link AND blog at the same time :/ Rusty!

Anyway, the thing which I wanted to blog about/link to was this post on Missbehave, basically saying that they don't get what the deal with those 'what I'm wearing today' blogs is.* There are a few I read for a while, before I angrily realised "I hate your clothes and who cares what shit you decide to wear today!!!! ARRGHUNSUBSCRIBE!". I won't name them (mostly because I can't remember them) but yeah, they are just a blog of a girl (usually) who posts photos of whatever sartorial choices they made that day, in artsy photos.

I briefly thought about doing something like this myself, but it would be a lot of effort to bother to put makeup on every day and do my hair and whatever, as most days I wear my PJs all day long and don't brush my hair (another 'why don't you make videos so much anymore?' reasons!). Also, who gives a shit what I'm wearing every day!? Also, I don't have a tripod, or a doting follower who will photograph me in flattering poses all day long.

Umm, so this has no conclusion really other than I wanted to say 'me too!' to the blog post I (figured out how to) link to, and didn't want to faff around becoming a member on missbehave to talk about it.

So. There.

Today I went to the funeral and then went to hobbicraft and bought some random art stuffs for £40. I want to buy everything in that shop! I can't ever have enough art supplies. EVER.

*incidentally, it's kind of weird that she says that on missbehave as they actually have '100 days of outfits' on there, where they blog the BORING clothes that they wear (black tights or leggings and some denim and a black shirt. Every day. FASCINATION!)

PS! I don't normally ever wear black much, atleast not to this monochrome extent, it's just that I was going to a funeral and, you know, it's kind of the dresscode. It was actually kind of an effort for me to find my one black shirt and one black pair of tights and plain black shoes. I have a couple of black skirts but most of my clothing is luridly bright (and thus awesome).



mr. noir said...

Love you in black

Anonymous said...

I guess, but people who do get dressed up everyday (I don't so I wouldn't start one of those blogs myself either :P) wouldn't find it an effort. I think they're useful inspiration. My fave is

ZombieJesus said...

Ya know speaking of clothes what ever happened to those awesome shinny purple jeans you bought like months and months ago.
You were excited to get them and they really were pretty cool.
Wonder if you ever had worn them anywhere.
Yes im bored but your the mostinteresting thing in the world when I am bored.
Hope all is well

Jim B said...

That outfit really suits you. If you wore outfits like that everyday I wouldn't be surprised if you had more doting followers around the place.

Danycrumble said...

Guess what covered my body last week? Black shirt, black skirt, grey cardigan! (no slippers)
looks great on you bryony :)