Monday, December 29, 2008


I'm moving out!
It's been on the cards for a while now, as I have a cool place to move in to and all, but I just hadn't sorted out actually moving my stuff there, but now I have! Or, am doing it at the moment.
Hopefully none of my stalkers will find out my new address!
Actually, one of the things which I've felt has been holding me back a little lately in regards to posting on here and on youtube is the creepyish emails and post people send me. I've recently been going through some old stuff (as some of you know...wiiiiiink) in email archives and whatnot, and it's fucking disturbing. It creeps me out that people think about me and what I'm doing.

Anyways. In other news.... well I guess that's it. I don't know what my new videos (after the move) are gonna look like. I originally didn't want my computer and art stuff to be in my bedroom because I wanted for the first time in my life to have a room which was dedicated as a bedroom, with nothing else in it. But I have way too much stuff for that to happen, and my desktop computer is going to have to be in there. It's not a huge room so I don't know where it's going to go :/

I have made a vague resolution to make a video per week minimum during 2009, so that I keep in the mode of it, and generally should come up with new ideas because it will be in the forefront of my mind a lot.

Check me out in the picture- those are all my bags and things that I'm taking with me. I know it looks kind of the same to most of the photos of my room, the messiness, but... shh

What I will not miss:
  • my mum getting pissy with me for getting up at 3pm and wearing pyjamas all day
  • my shitty zillion year old bed and lumpy ass mattress
  • having to walk up a hill and get a train or two busses and a tube to get into central london
  • it being weird when people come over
  • not having a dishwasher
  • being far away from my boyfriend's house

What I will miss:
  • my mum and dads' cooking
  • living with my brother
  • sitting next to the fireplace
  • our bathroom
  • my room!
  • my awesome kitchen drawers and countertop 'desk'/workbench
  • easy access to all my junk/art supplies (still not worked out where they're going to go!)
  • my wardrobe
  • the garden :'(
  • our awesome lightup kettle
  • Digital TV
  • free food
  • the view from my window
  • my sweet neighbours
  • being super close to two shops that sell everything
  • being able to eat whatever I want, whenever I want to


Nick said...

Good luck with the move :)

NusaCat said...

How could you not miss "being able to eat whatever I want, whenever I want to"?

Still, it's a big step being on your own in a self-sustaining manner. I hope it works out for you!

Sorry to hear you have a stalker problem in RL, not just online.

Jim B said...

"Everything is about to change."

jujudivinecpa said...

Congratulations! I'll be in your situation here in about 6 months. Finally moving to somewhere permanent on my own, unlike the last 4 years with 1/2 of my things at my parents house and the other 1/2 where ever I was living down at college! I can't wait to finally have a place to call my own and do what I want with it! Oh and I don't think I could live without my computer in my bedroom either.. it's just so convenient.. how sad are we?!

Danueil said...

Brony, this it the firstm and proabbly last, time I will comment on your blog. I read it once a week or so -- I always have -- but, I do not interfere with you or your life. Just watch and read.

I'm 28, male, and live in Texas. All I will say is my name is Charlie and I'm musician. I make my living by singing and playing a guitar. Folk hippie music. Rock acoustica.


The thing about leaving is, you have to do it. There are a thousand other things you will find you're going to miss (but yeah -- "free food" <-- that' s a big one!), but it's part of what people like you and I have to do.

We have to find a new nest. Be it with room mates, a wife, husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend -- we can't stay in the house that were born.

You have to leave. As I did. Views from windows <-- they are things you will miss, but you can remember them.

Free food is one of things you start to not remember after a while.

Free food is... That matters most, I think. Or maybe I'm just a stupid, broke, fucked up man-child, whom I has never moved on passed college (well, I actually dropped out).

I don't know.

But, I think this is an experience I've had that you will now have as you leave the home your two parent's have built for you.

Right. Well. Well. I'm sorry. I doubt this has made any sense, so I am probably coming off as a crazy person. So, I will stop now.

Just, believe that it's a universal experience, and there someone, me at least, than knows how this going to feel for you.

MrWhuskers said...

this is big bold step you are about to take.. one that has only been taken by about 4 billion people on earth (only counting those currently living). The fact that you are part of an enormous mass of people moving from dependancing to indepantsies is little comfort when your tummy bubbles. But you're going to become one hell of a cook I promise you that. There's a ton of great recipes and cooking videos on youtube. Can't wait to see yours. I didn't mean it THAT way!!

creativemachine said...

good luck with the move :)
on an unrelated sidenote, i just fed your fish in the sidebar to entertain myself, and man, they went nuts! Try it if you don't believe me.

BTW, the weekly vlogging think is awesome news, i feel slightly paperlilies deprived. Not in a suss way, but more sentimentally. You were the first channel i ever subscribed to on youtube, and this internet zombie movie thing (which i haven't seen yet... is there a release date, or am i just grossly uninformed?) kinda tore you away from all your beloved fans... the real fans, not the stalkers. We're not all weird... >_> <_< really ^_^

Abbey said...
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Anonymous said...

I have a guitar strap stalker! He messages me about how to sit/play in my vids etc... and guitar straps etc..