Monday, November 10, 2008

mdonalds breakfast and shoes

HEy!! I just woke up. Actually I woke up at about 5.45, which is really kind of exciting for me because I have been staying up til 7 or 8 am and then not getting up til 3.30 pm, so last night I fell asleep at about 11pm and therefore woke at 5.45...
ANYWAY who cares!! The actual subject of this post is Mcdonalds Breakfast. I woke with a hankering for it. I wanted to find out when the breakfast finishes at McD's as I always seem to miss it as I never get up in time and so used the magical internets to find out, and find out I kind of did:

Something about it amused me... good old internetz. I guess the answer is 10.30 or 11, depending on where you go. I imagine theone where I live it is 10 am because of the bullshit earliness of everything in London, so I should probably leave kind of right now if I'm gonna make it... Oh the struggles of modern life!!

In other news, I ordered these super cute shoes!! I have wanted them for about a year, and they are in the sale and are in my size!!


Chris Dianity said...

Yeah you livin the dream

Jim B said...

Cute shoes. Cool colors. And they are interesting from POV too. Looking from the side the eye is tricked into seeing one white shoe and one blue shoe.

Hello said...

It's not looking really good...sorry.

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CaptainChurch said...

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MrWhuskers said...

things the British do well...
discust amongst your elves.