Wednesday, November 19, 2008

hitler only had one ball!

AHAHA omg this is heeelarious!
Hitler really did only have one ball!! I thought the song was a joke but it's TRUElols

I feel bad if you don't know this awesome choon:

Hitler! has only got one ball!
the other, is in the albert hall
his mother, the dirty bugger,
she cut it off when he was smallllll

she threw it, into an apple tree
it fell, into the deep blue sea
the fishes, they got suspicious
and they had scollops, and bollocks for tea!!!!

Annoyingly the only video I can find of the song properly sung (and not some insane techno remix thing) is this one starring two odious little prep schoolers:

In any case, I also found this awesome Monty Python video:


Jim B said...

They do that so well.

Was that the Gay Pride Day Parade?

amy said...

omg is that Daniel Radcliffe?

El Ășltimo sobrenombre que uso said...