Sunday, November 09, 2008

family names

This amused me!

"…My mother tends to go through phases of making a particular dessert a lot. After a few nights on the trot of having trifle, and being a particularly snotty/precocious teenager who read a lot, I declared 'Ah, the ubiquitous trifle!' when it came out again. And promptly spent 5 minutes explaining what it meant, and that it wasn't an insult.

Nearly 20 years later, trifle is now universally offered in the family as 'Would you like a plate of Ubiquitous?'…"

And reminded me of my own story:

My family always watched Star Trek The Next Generation when it was on TV on a Wednesday evening. Through some kind of planning coincidence, we used to often have the same (very delicious) mozarella pasta bake thing to eat at the same time as Startrek was on every week (or enough for it to become a 'thing'). As a result, it became known as Star trek pasta forever more!! Despite having nothing to do with startrek or having any kind of startrek relation to the actual food.

mmm delicious startrek pasta! It's a wonder we didn't end up with Simpsons Fish Pie or Friends Dalesteaks Kebabs.


Eshniner Forest said...

star trek pasta. great memory!

Infoholic UK said...

Hmmm. Does that mean my kids will forever refer to a Sunday roast as Top Gear ?

jadedconformist said...