Friday, November 21, 2008

Beyond the Pole

Today I went to the screening of a film called 'Beyond the Pole' about two guys trying to make it to the north pole with no support. it was pretty funny! and better than that, it was free and I was randomly invited by the director (heretofore unknown to me). It was fun!! I think Helen Baxendale was IN THE ROOM! As was Rhys Thomas, who I made move so me and Alan could sit in the corner :/ He was there with his mum and dad!

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Jim B said...

So how does one know they are at the North Pole? Does the Sun stay at the same altitude all day long? Would it hover just above the horizon? Those guys could end up rather irritable due to lack of sleep. Or wander about after getting snow blind? Would they feel like they were on top of the world or end up wanting to just FTW?