Friday, November 21, 2008

Are you kidding me?

I now have to look at this everytime I watch a video?

*stabs eyes*

I got invited to it but I didn't want to spend £600+ to go and feel weird in a room full of people who I may or may not know who may or may not know me. I gave the tickets to a friend who is more local to San Francisco than London. Will I regret?? I don't know, perhaps.
I'm going to go to New York early next summer though, if possible. Have my own youtube gathering! With my NYC peeps!!


Jim B said...

You had tickets and gave them away? Arrghhh.

Well, I will certainly have to watch the streaming event at home. If you change your mind and manage to get on camera give us a shout. Send us your kudos. Or whatever. k?

I will be there in spirit. And I think I might recognize a few of the people who will be there.

A.G. said...

What's wrong with Lisa Nova like? Just look at her amazing little face and hear her fabulous voice in your mind as it commands you to slaughter the old and infirm so that our lord Satan doesn't have to give up his seat on the bus, or queue at the post office. LISTEN TO IT...

rAm said...

Yes, Sexay-nova..
I know.

Eshniner Forest said...

It seems to be a lot of bull & I'm with you on it. Its just hype & a reason to get more clicks/money. I could care less about lisa nova or fred. What are they going to do? Sounds boring. I'd rather do something boring at home personally. :0