Thursday, October 16, 2008

*pisses on flag*

So I ended my last post with a bitter 'there IS no american dream!!' *smashes porcelain bald eagle*.
And I just had a revelation!! And it explains so so much about the US and the UK.
I guess people in America DO have an American Dream, that inherent 'if only I worked hard enough, I'd be able to be ______'. And that's kind of what keeps you guys going.

And in England, we don't have that, despite the fact that here we probably have a higher chance of becoming Prime Minister than anyone in America has of becoming President due to sheer numbers if anything. In the UK, we are cynical, cynical, cynical. At the heart of every Briton you will find a half empty glass, full of molasses black humour. Because we know. We know there's no fucking WAY we, us, me personally, will ever be Prime Minister. We don't even have that on our peripheral mental vision. Sure, theoretically we or you could do it, but as if we are ever going to even try. It's just never going to happen. Why? because we didn't go to Oxford, or Cambridge, or Harvard, or Yale. Because we don't have connections. Because we aren't rich. Because we are lazy.

And that's what I meant. The American dream is such bullshit! It's such a cruel lie told to the masses to placate them and make people do horrible jobs for horrible money. Here, we get that, and we do the shit jobs, and we don't complain. But we do realise that it is what it is.


Mitch said...

I think the "American Dream" is misunderstood by a lot of people both outside the U.S. and inside it.

It isn't bullshit, it's a state of mind. It's an idea that says you're free to go after your dream if you're willing to try for it.

That's it. It isn't a promise of success, it's just a promise that you'll have the freedom to succeed if you work hard enough.

It's not really unique to the U.S. but I think it is uniquely embraced by people in the U.S. and by the people who chose to immigrate here.

Jim B said...

Oh, what bitter gripes. And yeah, the job situation could be better. How many people find work now-a-days in the field that they were trained for?

Nathan said...

my stance is similar to bryony's and I think that it's severly fucking the US

as mitch says it's not just being president but to any sort of dream

and those dreams have been hijacked

who wants to be a trash-person?
no one.

who wants to be a professional basketball player or a president or anything else that's glamorous?
quite a few.

which is most useful?
the trashperson.

fuck the american dream. it's stupid and is depressing.

the american dream should be to have a decent society that acts responsibly.

individuality is killing us.

jadedconformist said...

I hope Sarah Palin doesn't prove you wrong. Seriously.

Johnston13 said...

Sarah Palin is a serious fucking blunder.... I can’t wait until she crawls back under the ice rock she came from...

But I digress...

I just had this conversation a few days ago, and I know I am late on this post but I agree…. R.I.P American dream...

We are all slaves to the system created on the bases of the American dream, and it is unavoidable! You work within the system or you become a bum “trash person” but working within the system means major financial debt from schooling, and the cost of living. So you have no choice but to work at some grueling shitty job in order to pay back the enormous debt that it cost you to get to where you were told you had to be in order to be successful. It is a treadmill of stupidity.

Sometimes I wonder if I had not gone to school and just jumped right into some job (skip the middle man) that I might be in the exact same position I am now. With a lot less debt and stress...

I blame religion...