Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The internet sucks at my house

My internet is seriously creaking along lately. It's a source of constant chagrin amongst the 4 members of my family, each of us blaming it on one another. There is my father's playing of World Of Warcraft and now Warhammer 40k. There's my mother's laptop running Windows Vista, which seemingly requires the internet router to be shut down periodically to make the internet work on it. There's my brother's downloading of entire seasons of Pokemon and more WoW playing.
And then there's me, trying to actually work from home, on the internet, relying on the internet to not fuck up all the time, and gradually going insane.
We all blame one another, I get asked if I am uploading loads of large files (??) or downloading things (I rarely am), Alan gets angry that he is blamed because of downloading things (he claims that torrents have no affect on the speed of the internet for other people, which seems totally bizzarre to me), my dad gets annoyed that his precious WoW playing is being called into question, and again claims that it should make no difference to anyone else (again, how??). And my mum is running Vista, so what do you expect? (vista is the worst thing ever invented!!!!!!)
Also the internet kind of sucked to begin with, but now it is just practically unuseable. It's like using dialup.


It's annoying, to say the least.


Hema said...

lol i know what you mean. since then ive switched to BT and its fine..

Energon said...

A little QoS would cure that right up. Lower the priority on gaming and torrent traffic, and raise it on web traffic. The vista thing tho... you're just fucked there.

X said...

Torrents are the most likely culprit (sorry Alan), because by default they will upload as fast as possible, leaving no bandwidth for anyone else. Also, the congestion can be less noticeable for the person on the computer that is doing the torrenting, because their computer can arrange things so that the web surfing etc. has priority, whereas everybody else's computer has no such luxury.

See if you can persuade your brother to set an upload speed limit in his BitTorrent software (sometimes called the rate limit, or throttle). If you have regular 8Mbps ADSL then set it to about 25 KBytes/second (~200 kbits/s). That would give him around half of the upload bandwidth and leave half free for everyone else. That will probably slow down his downloads somewhat. If he complains then point out that giving him a quarter of the bandwidth would be fairer.

Games will affect things too, but probably to a lesser extent, because the data is only uploaded sporadically in MMOs.

Oh, and energon is right that QoS (Quality of Service) is technically the right way of handling this, but it's not very widely supported on home routers, so it's unlikely to be an option.

Jessie said...

Dont forget Bad wether can effect the Internet Just as Much as downloading can but even if i download torrents it doesnt slow my pc internet connection, It could be the area your living in or just too many people have the internet so it makes it slow!! Usually for me its slow on a sunday night or Saturday. But i wouldnt have thought that would make any difference.
Take Care Hun

Jim B said...

It looks like help may be on the way. Some related news items,
BT picks fast fibre pilot sites.
Hi-tech brings families together
Web content 'disturbing children'

Also, a newly released game can create problems for an older computer because the graphics card may not be fast enough.

Harsha said...

energon is on the money, it's most likely the bittorrent downloads that are causing your problems.

QoS may solve your problem, but it could be something like a cheap power supply unit for your router... which normally get bundled with cheap or free* routers.

Best thing to do is to only let torrent downloads in the house when nobody else uses the net. And restart the router when you want to go back into normal web mode.

If your mum is using wireless on vista, try cabled and you should see performance and stability increase a lot.

*bundled when you sign up to your ISP.

Daniel said...

The internet doesn't suck!

It is shit!


Anonymous said...

in the old days families used to gather around the television and fight about what to watch. now they fight about who's to blame for the screwed up internet. the more things change the more they stay the same.

AutomaticTLC said...

You need to throw a Zombie at Alan for him saying Torrents have no affect on the internet. Torrents slow my net down to a CRAWL half the time.

I know the feeling of sharing net between four people. It was terrible. I am glad I am out on my own now!


Anonymous said...

If you use a wireless router check the number of all active connections and use encryption for all the nodes connected,
if not some one near by may use your router anonymously if the security features are off.
Most Routers can be accessed with a Web browser, to check the status and all settings. So, your service provider should be able to
guide you through this or use the instruction that came with your equipment...

also check all cable connections on the the router and or antenna.

if all that is ok run a local bandwidth speed test and match that with what your provider has set for your router connection.

good luck,

roygbiv said...

Well, I know a certain "professional" who is very discrete about getting rid of certain "annoyances" if you decide you want to put that into "consideration".
I'm just sayin'

gekophetweb said...

Well the torrents are most likely to blame like others already pointed out. It's not only the upload and download that can slow down the internet connection, the connection the bittorrent has open to other people can also be influencing this. The game shouldn't be causing the bad Internet Connection though it might slow it down a bit(not much though).

jadedconformist said...

Your dad plays WoW.

That is amazing.

Eshniner Forest said...

Pop plays games!! haha!!

eric said...

your brother said that bit torrent doesn't effect your internet speed? he sounds like a n00b if you ask me.

do this go to http://www.speedtest.net/ and test your bandwidth speed. the result will be in kilobits so divide them by 8 to get your speed in kilobyte (which is how the bit torrent client will show it's speed) then divide your upload by .25 and make your brother set his max upload in his bit torrent client to that so he will only be using 25% of your upload speed. and tell him to use public trackers like The Pirate Bay so he doesn't have to worry about keeping a good ratio like on a privet tracker.

as for the WoW playing i don't know much about that but i wouldn't think that it uses that much bandwidth.

and the vista box, the OS doesn't have anything to do with the amount of bandwidth it uses so unless your mother is doing a lot of downloading or uploading she not part of the problem.

Stuey said...

What a crazy world we live in eh! I try top think back to the days before home internet and mobile phones...it just seems impossible lol.

Doug said...

Check this out: