Thursday, October 16, 2008


Ok ok I'm sorry, that post (2 posts ago!) I was totally generalising about america and americans and I know I only gave that one poster as evidence but the sort of incessant patriotism is kind of everywhere you look in america?

Anyway, I'm sorry for generalising. Read the rest of this whole blog to see all the things and people I love of America!! It's seriously my favourite place. I can't even list the things I like about it (though high up comes 24 hour anything) The patriotism kind of gets wearing though sometimes and I think what pissed me off about the poster is that I didn't expect that of Saint Obama. And the realisation that it can kind of be ingrained unexpectedly.

And it's not like other countries 'hate' themselves, we're just kind of more realistic about reality. In general.

I used to get so mad at my old E-bff Kim when she unexpectedly fit into some American (or female) stereotype which I saw negatively, and this is like that.
AND! It also reminds me of how I always used to get in trouble at school for making wild generalised statements without prefacing my argument with 'in my opinion', which this blog site basically is. My unasked opinion. So feel free to disagree!


mhr said...

i'm american, from boston massachusetts. patriotism is the death of america. there are millions of idiots in america who believe they are entitled to absolutely anything at whatever cost just because they are american. general statements about americans are always risky, because we are a country filled with many many many different people. HOWEVER, millions of people in america are completely smug and self-righteous and gross about patriotism.


Energon said...

I don't see the big deal about generalizing Americans. I'm proud of where I'm from. I'm proud of what my country has accomplished in its past and I'm proud of the people that accomplished those things. I disagree, vehemently, with the leadership of the past 30 years and I disagree with the attitude of a lot of people here, but the core of the country is the same, strong individuals that you find at the core of any country.

I've taken some shit from British coworkers for the things my government has done. I've taken some shit from Canadian coworkers for the things my government has done. Being proud of my home doesn't mean I lack humility about it. It's not a perfect place and remaining vocal about those problems will eventually lead to them being corrected. That shouldn't, however, detract from the fact that there are good people here just as there are good people everywhere.

I think I agree with your original sentiment about Americans, but I don't think there should be an apology for those generalizations.

Jim B said...

Sometimes one has to make compromises in order to be accepted. Doubters are not in the majority. They make poor "recruits".

Chris Dianity said...

The thing is America is on the way out everyone seems to know it accept them. In 15 years time they will be China's whipping boy. And their Allies won't forget their Bully Boy my way or the highway tactics when they come across America laying in a gutter somewhere. It Gods way.

NusaCat said...

I suspect that's part of why I like you -- you're not only smart and willing to think, but realistic.

Feel free to generalize about us; you're right about 90% of them. I'm part of the other 10%, however.

jadedconformist said...

It's your blog! Vent away. ;)

Anonymous said...

Funny - as when I was at school I got told off for prefacing statements with "I think...". Teacher said, "There's no need to say that because it's obvious what you're saying is what you think"

steve said...

As a middle American of English-Welsh-Irish-French descent I work to keep an even mix of humility and arrogance toward my other half that gets me by most days! But this 'pride' thing pisses me off a bit. A lot of fools express 'pride' but if you scratch the superficial you find 'lucky as hell' riding on the shoulders of many (mostly first generation immigrants from Europe, Africa and Asia) who built this country to a point we have been coasting along at a slight downward drift for too long. Pride - whether in oneself or ones country - neither restores nor builds anew.